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Optimize patch management with remote software deployment tools

Patch management is one of the most challenging aspects of remote software deployment. New patches and software updates are released constantly to patch known vulnerabilities, but their frequency across numerous applications and network devices makes it hard to keep everything up-to-date—especially when working across multiple customers and sites. Without a way to remotely deploy patches across an entire network, businesses can easily leave themselves open to cybersecurity risks.

N-able RMM offers cloud-based patch management to help you keep your customers secure and up-to-date at all times. You can remotely approve and deploy patches in bulk across networks, sites, servers, and workstations. N-able RMM also supports updates for third-party software like Adobe, Java, and Microsoft Office products. For commonly exploited applications, the platform will even check for security updates more frequently to help you stay secure.

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Use remote software deployment to automate repetitive tasks and perform maintenance

Without software deployment tools for small businesses, IT teams can spend hours manually deploying software, patching, and performing routine maintenance. Aside from being incredibly time-consuming and resource-intensive, this also increases the risk of human error, which can compromise an MSP’s quality of service. Staff time is in especially short supply for small MSPs, and remote software deployment tools can maximize their time and help them perform business-critical operations with accuracy.

N-able RMM optimizes remote software deployment with advanced automation capabilities. In addition to automatically deploying patches, you can also put time back into your schedule by automating other repetitive tasks. The solution comes equipped with custom checks to approve and schedule routine maintenance workflows, and you can share these checks with other technicians to increase efficiency and decrease duplicative actions. You can also create custom automation scripts using the drag-and-drop object programming engine included in N-able RMM.

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Gain a higher level of visibility into user activity and applications with out-of-the-box monitoring

Although the name might suggest otherwise, software deployment tools for small businesses should be able to handle more than just remote software deployment. Once the software is successfully deployed and routinely updated, MSPs also need to be able to analyze how their customers are interacting with it. Knowing how customers are using applications, how these applications are interacting with the network, and where they are experiencing problems helps you optimize performance and troubleshoot efficiently.

N-able RMM is ideal for growing MSPs because its user-friendly interface means you can start monitoring customers in a matter of hours. This remote software deployment solution features built-in services that facilitate comprehensive monitoring right out of the box. You can constantly monitor application health and performance, and remotely access machines to tackle issues that arise. The robust monitoring capabilities included in N-able RMM take remote software deployment to the next level, helping ensure that software is running smoothly for your customers.

Keep customer software up-to-date with remote software deployment tools

  • Automatically deploy patches to help ensure applications are effective
  • Free up IT staff time by leveraging robust automation capabilities
  • Start monitoring typically within hours using out-of-the-box monitoring services