3 Must-Have MSP Templates

Whether you’re just starting a consulting business, or you’ve been running an IT support business for some time already, there are several documents or IT templates that are an absolute must for ensuring smooth operations and a regular influx of new clients that can be pulled in on automatic if you’ve set up your business properly.

Here are some of the best business templates for a computer website:

1. Website Templates
Pretty, flashy websites might win awards, but they won’t necessarily bring in new clients, at least not at the volume you could achieve if your site is set up following a proven template. You want your website to be easily optimized for SEO so that you can make sure it’s found by the potential clients that are looking for you. You also want to make sure that it is easy for you to modify and update regularly. The ideal website template will allow you to offer promotional materials such as an IT newsletter or free report that you can give away to visitors to your website in exchange for their email address. Once their contact information is captured, they will be entered into your sales funnel, where you can follow up with them regularly to eventually convert them into a paying client.

2. IT Newsletter Template
An IT Newsletter is one of the most effective ways you can attract new clients automatically, without making a specific, direct sales effort. You simply post an email capture form on your site (check out aweber or mailchimp) and offer your IT newsletters to your visitors for free. Another great giveaway item would be a free report for your visitors. Once potential clients begin giving you their email addresses, you’re able to stay in contact and keep them thinking of you whenever a need for IT support arises.

3. Contract Templates
Some essentials templates include: standard service agreements (essential for ensuring your new clients understand and accept your terms), non-compete agreements (essential if you work with contractors who provide you with backup support for your clients), and NDA or non-disclosure agreements (again, essential if you have outside parties helping you to support your client base).

Of course there are plenty of other documents you can have to help you promote your computer consulting business, but as far as must-have IT templates that will best help you to promote and protect your company, these top three are absolutely essential.