Choose an Exchange email server backup tool built specifically for MSPs

The lack of a true online backup solution for Microsoft Exchange has left many users scrambling, both to recover lost data and to find a suitable way to back up emails. That’s where N-able Mail Assure comes in.

While there are many enterprise cloud email services available, Mail Assure is a comprehensive email continuity tool with cloud-based storage designed specifically for MSPs and their needs—so you can rest easy knowing your email data is safely stored.

Maintain Exchange email continuity and business continuity with an archiving solution

Mail Assure is designed to ensure business continuity through full online backups for Microsoft Exchange email server—meaning your customers are not slowed down by a missing email.

End users never know when they will need an old email again as evidence during a business audit, or might need to restore a critical message they accidentally deleted. With Mail Assure, users can send and receive messages even during a server crash or email server provider outage. Also, while Exchange has a limited retention period, with Mail Assure’s cloud-based backup you can store and access client emails for as long as needed.

Help prevent customer data loss with encrypted Exchange email archiving

Losing customer data can cause a significant interruption to business continuity in addition to potentially harming your relationship with a customer. While Microsoft employs native data protection to safeguard data, some users of Microsoft 365 still need more comprehensive support. That’s why it’s important for any MSP to have an encrypted Exchange email archiving tool designed to prevent data loss.

With Mail Assure, you can scan, store, and archive your email communications to the cloud in our geographically distributed data centers. Easily adhere to regional regulations concerning email message storage. The tool also goes above and beyond by enhancing Microsoft 365 security with multiple antivirus engines and custom heuristic analysis.

Configure email filters and customize parameters for different users

N-able is known for giving MSPs the ability to customize their products, and Mail Assure is no different. Mail Assure lets you configure email filters and customize parameters for different users throughout the organization, meaning you can adjust your archiving practices on a user-by-user basis. Mail Assure provides email filtering with 99.999% filtering accuracy to protect against spam and malware, meaning you can reduce the amount of unneeded mail entering your system and being archived.

Protect email data with cloud-based email archiving software for Exchange

  • Help ensure email and business continuity with full online backups for Microsoft Exchange email server
  • Help keep backups safe with encrypted email storage
  • Help ensure customers can access old emails thanks to an unlimited retention period for archived emails