Avoid inbound email-borne threats with 99.999% filtering accuracy

A single email can take down a network, which is why it’s important to go beyond staff security awareness training and use an automated, intelligent tool to proactively filter inbound emails. N-able Mail Assure is designed to defend against known and emerging email-borne threats, with 99.999% filtering accuracy. Its Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine uses pattern-based threat recognition based on email data from over two million domains to defend against spam, viruses, social engineering attacks, and other threats.

When using this tool, MSPs have total control over the inbound email filtering process. They can set advanced domain and filter settings for checks, permissions, and spam scoring thresholds. MSPs can also view advanced filtering statistics.

As a powerful solution for inbound email security, Mail Assure blocks over two billion spam messages every month. The software also includes extension and attachment blocking to better protect against zero-day malware.

Maintain a strong sender reputation with email filters that prevent outgoing spam

Your customers shouldn’t just be worried about inbound threats—they also need to ensure their communications aren’t being manipulated to spread outbound threats. Accidentally spreading spam and viruses can quickly undercut your customer’s reputation and impact their ability to do business.

With Mail Assure, your customers gain smart host deployment and abuse management tools, enabling outbound email monitoring and filtering. This helps protect IP reputation so customers can continue critical business communications. The software also automatically generates abuse reports that help indicate which users or accounts are sending spam, so you can rapidly lock those accounts and prevent IP blocking.

Gain visibility with powerful quarantine management

When a suspicious email is flagged, it is secured through an automated quarantine process designed to prevent customers from accidental exposure to risks. However, MSPs and their customers may still need to be able to access those quarantined emails. Mail Assure makes that possible.

Mail Assure is built with the user and permission management tools you need to help ensure transparency and control over the mail protection process. With this tool, users can check the quarantine report to take action on emails, whether to view, release, remove, or block the email. They can also choose to block or allow senders. These actions ultimately help guide the software’s Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine to provide more tailored spam filtering results over time.

Support secure Microsoft 365 usage with seamless integration via an add-on

Many customers have moved to Microsoft 365 for email, but the native security features in Microsoft 365 may not be enough to fully protect against potential email security threats. To enhance Microsoft’s native security, Mail Assure is designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 using a simple add-on.

With the add-on for Microsoft 365, Mail Assure boosts your customers’ protection against a range of threats—including spam, viruses, ransomware, malware, and phishing—that could infiltrate their networks. The software’s 99.999% spam filtering accuracy also boasts close to zero false positives, so customers can rest assured they won’t miss important emails that were accidentally flagged. This outbound and inbound email filtering solution also provides built-in 24/7 email continuity, allowing customers to access email even if Microsoft 365 is down.

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Frequently asked questions

How can filtering apply to both inbound and outbound emails?

How can filtering apply to both inbound and outbound emails?

Email filtering is a form of targeted analysis that often applies to inbound emails, preventing suspicious emails from reaching a customer’s inbox in the first place. Inbound filtering checks the sender’s IP address during SMTP connections and uses existing spam blocking intel to pinpoint threats. However, it can also apply to outbound emails that are flagged as spam as they leave the network.

While inbound filtering works to eliminate email-borne threats from entering your network, outbound filtering aims to protect your reputation by preventing email-borne threats from leaving your network. If spam succeeds in exiting the network, it can quickly lead to the network being blocked, which harms business. For this reason, it’s important to use software specifically designed for both inbound and outbound email filtering.

How do you create an email filter?

How do you create an email filter?

Email services like Gmail and Microsoft 365 may have built-in email filters for spam, but you may wish to create your own custom email filter. For a manual solution, you’ll typically need to navigate to “Settings” and look for the Filters option. When you create a filter, you’ll be able to filter out emails using criteria like sender, included words, and included attachments.

While this kind of email filter offers users control over their inbox, it doesn’t necessarily provide mail protection, as it relies on the user’s guesswork about email security. If you’re looking for a company-wide solution to uphold a particular standard of filtering, it’s best to use an automated tool. With Mail Assure, MSPs can create email filters for customers that automatically flag spam using threat intelligence information. These filters also adjust to feedback based on how users manage emails in quarantine.

What are the levels of filtering in Mail Assure?

What are the levels of filtering in Mail Assure?

There are two levels of filtering in Mail Assure: SMTP-level filtering and data-level filtering.

  • SMTP-level filtering: With this level of filtering, email connections are not blocked until after the connection is properly logged. Unknown connections are temporarily rejected in such a way as to minimize false positives. Known spam sources are permanently rejected and quarantined.
  • Data-level filtering: At this level, the system scans the message’s content using statistical filtering technologies, spam fingerprint databases, and other intel. You can configure these spam emails to be quarantined, dropped, or delivered.

Increase security with inbound and outbound email filtering

  • Use inbound email filtering to keep spam and viruses out of customer inboxes
  • Maintain company reputation by using outbound email filtering
  • Provide support for Microsoft 365 email security with an add-on