3 key steps to proactive IT management

It’s crucial that IT admins have up-to-the-minute information on the laptops, PCs and servers they are responsible for protecting. A tiny problem can easily snowball into something serious if it’s overlooked, which is why a proactive approach to IT security and maintenance is essential.

However, IT admins may be faced with “information overload” if important network data isn’t presented in a logical and actionable way.

So, what makes an IT admin’s life easier? Here are three factors:

1.     Network information that’s accessible from anywhere, at any time
Those days when the IT team worked in one, fixed office are long gone. Today, IT admins are typically far more mobile, perhaps travelling between branch offices or on-call from home.

IT departments should choose a solution that provides remote access to all the information they need to effectively manage the network from wherever they are. A web-accessible dashboard with a centralized view of the network can take the stress out of finding status updates.

2.     Ability to take instant (and remote) action
Knowing the status of the network is a start, but just knowing about issues is not enough.

Using a solution like the ControlNow platform enables IT admins to take corrective action from a simple, web-based interface with the installed agent on each device deploying the centrally controlled updates or fixes. This means that problems can be resolved the next time a laptop or PC restarts without needing all the physical devices returned back to base.

Furthermore, ControlNow allows for the customization of corrective actions specific to each infrastructure. For example, if IT admins know that certain services “act up” on occasion, they can configure the software to restart them automatically, making things run even more smoothly.

3.     Understanding what’s happened previously
Historical data on past problems can solve new issues much faster. This is particularly important when there are several technicians looking after the same users.

All networks eventually start to develop their own issues. It makes sense to have a system with strong reporting capabilities so continuity is more easily maintained.

If you can identify a problem as it arises, you have the opportunity to address it before users even notice.

IT teams can try a more proactive and stress-free way of doing things by starting a free trial of the ControlNow platform trial today.

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