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Following on from my last blog, which looked at some of the tips and tricks our partners found most useful during my Empower MSP 2021 course, here are some more sessions I wanted to highlight.

1. The power of the N-Central Intune integration

This new feature was released recently and gives users the ability to deploy N-central® agents through Microsoft Intune. This allows you to easily identify and manage new devices that are added to a customer’s Intune environment, but may not yet be added in N-central.

You can watch the full presentation on the Intune integration in the MSP Institute, so I advise you go there to get the complete picture—it’s only about 40 minutes long.

The main highlight is understanding how to set up the integration. If you have all your customers under your CSP (cloud service provider) model, then it’s easy—setup once at the SO level for everyone. However, if even one of your customers is separate and has their own setup and licensing, you will need to setup the SI (system integrator) model for everyone at the customer level.

2. N-central ConnectWise integration

The N-central integration to ConnectWise (and Autotask, since the integration is very similar), allows you to create, update, close, and reopen tickets automagically. It also lets you to create billing profiles that will allow you to export device counts based on certain apps being installed—to facilitate billing, for example—as well as export the devices themselves to the PSA so you get all the info you need.

A little-known fact is that you can customize the ticket that goes to the PSA, and—in ConnectWise only, for now—use an HTML-like template which can include your logo and other details. Jason Murphy, our N-central Automation Nerd, has developed a useful template that offers a nicer feel to the tickets you’re sending out.

I recommend you watch the recording of this session if you want to get more details, and in the meantime, click on this link to get the PSA template you can use in N-central:

3. PowerShell

There is not as much to say on this one. There are tons of great courses on PowerShell, most of them much more detailed. However, I built this course as a primer to for new users who don’t have 10 to 20+ hours to invest in learning it.

PowerShell is the most commonly used scripting language on Windows, and slowly increasing in usage on both Linux and Macs, now that it supports those devices. So, why not invest two hours of your time to learn it? Join me on the next live boot camp (register here) or go to the MSP institute to watch a recording.

4. N-central APIs

The final course I gave was written specifically to debut at Empower. I created one for RMM and one for N-central, and they are centered around using the APIs in each platform. For this article, I’ll focus on the N-central APIs.

The N-central APIs are using SOAP, which is not well-known by most, and can be daunting compared to RESTful APIs. However, one of our partners (Adriaan Sluis) created a PowerShell module that connects to the APIs and most of the coding away from you, making the APIs accessible to everyone. If I were to recommend looking at one thing in this article, it would be that. Here is the link to see the module:

This concludes this short blog series. I gave seven courses myself, but there were a lot more available on a variety of topics. If you weren’t able to join us, some of the training sessions are, or will be, available in the MSP Institute; or if you click on this link, you can register here for upcoming boot camps from the nerds.

Finally, as ever, don’t forget to check out our Automation Cookbook for more automations at You can also click the Upload a Script button and submit your own. Even if you think it’s not good enough, it’s always nice to collaborate with partners and take what you created, update it, if necessary, and then share it back with the community.

If you have suggestions on future topics, feel free to reach out to me by email at [email protected]


Marc-Andre Tanguay is Head Automation Nerd at N-able. You can follow him on Twitter at @automation_nerd.


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