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Automation Topic of the Week: Cookbook Launches and How to Make the Most of Chocolatey

The big news this week is that our Automation Cookbook is now launched and being populated with more automation policies, scripts, and custom monitoring every month. Go to and search for automation.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can go to forums on the Success Center and within the forums, request what you need. The automation team constantly monitors this and we’re happy to help partners build the automations they need.

On top of this, we’re actively working on the next automation training sessions, including an Advanced Automation Bootcamp and possibly an Introduction to PowerShell course.

Upcoming events 

The second round of Automation Bootcamps is being hosted the week of September 16. It’s still not too late to register! Space is limited, so make sure to pick the time that works for you and register at the links below as soon as you can.

N-central® customers: 

AU: click here

NA & EMEA: click here

Solarwinds® RMM customers: 

AU: click here

NA & EMEA: click here

Automation of the week

This week’s Automation Policy is meant to help you deploy and update applications, as well as build computers. For those of you not familiar with Chocolatey (, it is a very easy to use package deployment tool. It is crowdsourced and removes the need to create the install scripts and packages for thousands of apps. You can simply go to the site and request them, letting Chocolatey do the work for you.

We have created an automation policy that will download and install Chocolatey, and then use Chocolatey to install a lot of applications silently and easily.

Here is the link to the KB article that contains the automation policy and the instructions to use it.

To Install Chocolatey Package, click here

To Install Chocolatey Platform, click here


Marc-Andre Tanguay is Head Automation Nerd. You can follow him on Twitter at @automation_nerd

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