Empower Day 3: The Future Path of N-central and RMM

Day three of Empower by N-able was another jam-packed series of sessions to help you take your business to the next level. Here are a few of the highlights, including new features in our two RMM platforms (and upcoming releases) and tricks and training for existing features and products.

What’s in store for N-central

N-able N-central® product managers Carla Gajdecki and Chris Reid covered recent improvements to the platform, including updates to EDR and the recent integration with Microsoft Intune. They also discussed the upcoming integration with DNSFilter, which will help MSPs manage their customers’ risk and offer greater security coverage. Particularly exciting were the recent updates to Apple device support, which allow MSPs to expand their monitoring coverage for existing customers and more confidently take on new clients who prefer using Mac and Apple devices. They also gave a demo of the recent improvements in user experience, all built to make technicians’ jobs much easier. And while plans are always subject to change, their teams are currently hard at work on projects related to scalability, updates to patch management, and upgrades to the analytics dashboard.

The road ahead on the RMM side

N-able RMM product managers Brian Mackie and Rachel Brannan also showcased some of the recent improvements for their platform. They took an especially deep dive into the expanded support for Mac and Apple devices, designed to offer feature parity with our Windows offering, including antivirus, patching, Take Control, Backup documents, automation, and custom scripting. We highly recommend watching the replay if you can. Also, they covered quite a bit that’s currently under development in the lab, including some exciting enhancements to N-able EDR and the upcoming integration with DNSFilter to help enhance your security services. Additionally, the team is working on support for Azure cloud monitoring to help you expand your monitoring reach even further.

N-central and Intune—better together

As part of our push to help you improve your overall ability to monitor nearly anything and any environment, we released an integration with Microsoft Intune this year. By doing this, it allows you to support customers who may have Intune devices already and support devices that may be managed in the cloud—particularly important in our increasingly hybrid business environment. N-able Head Automation Nerd Marc-Andre Tanguay started from the ground up by describing what Intune is and why it matters. Then, he showed a demo and walked through how you can set up the full integration, import devices, set up compliance profiles, automatically discover devices managed by Intune, and view reporting across your customers’ IT estates.

EDR in N-central

Another standout moment from day three was a talk from Paul Kelly, a senior sales engineer, on EDR in N-central. He offered some pro-level tips on getting the most out of using N-able Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) within N-central. Users may be unaware of the full capabilities of the solution, and Paul really went into depth here, giving some tips and tricks for both setting things up and dealing with incidents when they arise. This included profile configuration, options for deployment, information on incident management, and the handling of notifications and alerts. This was a very demo-heavy session, so we highly recommend checking out the replay.

N-able MarketBuilder

One of the most exciting additions this year was the introduction of N-able MarketBuilder. This new platform allows MSP partners to access free, ready-made marketing materials and campaigns to promote their own business. In this session, Senior Marketing Manager David Poole went through some of the major highlights, including what MarketBuilder can do for you, the types of content available, examples of marketing content, and an illustration of reporting.

One more day

There’s just one more day to go in this year’s Empower by N-able conference. We still have a lot of content planned for the final day, so make sure to catch the sessions live. You won’t want to miss them.

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