Empower Day 4: Future Forward, Including Industry Trends, Roadmaps, and Extended On-Demand

Before we dive into the highlights of our final day, we have some big news . . .

Extended on-demand availability

On-demand availability will be extended an additional seven days—meaning you’ll have access through the Empower platform until Friday, June 18. On demand is a select number of sessions from the live event, including all main stage content like keynote address from Shark Tank star and CEO of Herjavec Group Robert Herjavec, along with company updates from John Pagliuca and Mike Adler.

According to David Weeks, “The community team has received an immense amount of feedback from Empower delegates asking for on-demand access.” said David Weeks, Head of Community. “We hear you, which is why we have decided to keep the event platform open for a week post event! We will also be uploading all sessions to the MSP Institute.”

Couldn’t make it to Empower? No worries! You can register now for free to get on-demand access.

Powering up with PowerShell

The N-central and RMM boot camp tracks joined forces to present an Introduction to PowerShell across both platforms. PowerShell has become a leading scripting platform for Windows, and also works for both macOS and Linux. On top of this, its flexibility and ease of use make it a powerful tool for MSPs looking to up their automation game. This session, hosted by Head Automation Nerd Marc-Andre Tanguay and Head N-central Nerd Jason Murphy, took partners through the basic of different versions, setting up a development environment, and some core best practices. Then they launched into more practical instruction and advice around simple commands, comparisons (-eq -ne –gt,  etc.), If statements, arrays, looping, multiple commands, script input, using modules, and using PowerShell in automation manager.

Marc and Jason also shared details of some keys resources partners could turn to for help with Powershell, including IntelliSense, Regexpal, Microsoft PowerShell Documentation, PowerShell Gallery, Powershell.org, Microsoft Learning, and the N-able Automation Cookbook.

Your say on our roadmap

In the business and roadmap track, N-able VP of Product Management Alex Quilter hosted a Product Strategy and Future Direction discussion. This was an interactive session that focused on the technologies in the market that can benefit MSPs and help them grow their businesses. Delegates had the ability to weigh in on the discussion and vote for the areas they’d like N-able to focus on, including endpoint trends, operating system trends, high-level market areas, security market opportunities, and other market opportunities.

“The feedback we received from this session was incredible. A lot goes into any discussion related to future product strategy,” said David Weeks. “Within this session we had the ability to hear from our delegates as they got to vote for the areas they’d like us to focus on, and we got pretty granular.”

TAP Tank: Security

Director of Business Development Tyler McDonald hosted a TAP Tank session focused on security. TAP stands for technology alliance partners and is a group of trusted vendors we work with to provide third-party integrations and services that work alongside our MSP stack. TAP Tank is a new series created to introduce companies in TAP to our partners.

Today’s talk came from Blackpoint Cyber’s Jonathan Murchison, Field Effect’s Toby Nangle, and Infosec Institute’s Tyler Schultz. Helping with questions and analyzing these solutions from an MSP perspective were long-time partners Jimmy Puckett, CEO of Spinen, Christian Kelly, CTO of Xantrion, and Tim Walker, managing director of Aura Technology.

Future opportunities

Also, in our 2021 and Beyond: Opportunities and Trends session, Stefanie Hammond and David Weeks looked at some key trends in the industry, including the growing chasm between service providers, tiering of service providers from emerging, and the fact that M&A activity is creating future “super MSPs.” The pair also focused on some of the core challenges and opportunities in the market, such as the fact that startup MSPs are struggling to find their footing in the market, pricing commoditization is plateauing in the growth and elite segment, future thinking is bringing new revenue streams, private equity is pushing the boundaries of expansion, and growth MSPs are struggling to move forward or fall back. There was also a look at some key areas of opportunities for businesses that could provide MSPs with growth, such as the increased complexity of cloud management, the stress of managing security posture, standardization, and monetizing data.

Thanks for joining us this year, and if you couldn’t make all of it, remember, you don’t have to miss out! Sessions are available on-demand until June 18.

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