Endpoint security for business: the top 4 solutions to implement

Endpoints without strong security can carry major vulnerabilities to your infrastructure, which is why it’s crucial to implement strong endpoint security for businesses. With the right tools—including endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, centrally managed antivirus, and web filtering software for business—a managed services provider (MSP) can offer strong security for their customers.

What are endpoints?

Endpoints are any device used to gain access to computing resources, like back-end applications and files being stored on corporate networks. These can include your corporate laptop or a personal iPad you occasionally use to access the enterprise network. Even your smartphone, smartwatch, and virtual assistant can be endpoints, and each one presents potential security risks.

Endpoint security has become even more of a hot-button topic as internet of things (IoT) devices increasingly make their way onto business networks. IoT describes a network of objects that connect and exchange data with each other and other systems over the Internet via software, sensors, and other such technologies. For example, a manufacturing warehouse might make use of a network of sensors to gauge temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors in various areas of the warehouse to maintain the optimal manufacturing environment.

While these IoT devices add convenience and accuracy, each device could potentially be exploited by a bad actor. And because IoT setups tend to deploy so many sensors, the trend has introduced an exponentially growing number of risks.

Why is endpoint security for business important?

Endpoint devices are prime targets for cybercriminals because they can provide a gateway into your managed networks and systems if left unprotected.

As mentioned previously, each endpoint device represents an individual source of risk that can be used to exploit and compromise your network. If, for example, a cybercriminal manages to install malware on a laptop, this can give the hacker direct access to your company’s accounts. The hacker could then continue on to infiltrate your remaining infrastructure.

As the number of endpoints continues to multiply, it’s becoming even clearer that endpoint security is crucial in any company’s larger cybersecurity efforts—after all, the network can only be as strong as its most vulnerable elements.

The best endpoint security and EDR solutions for MSPs

Endpoint security can be strengthened with a variety of solutions, including EDR, web filtering software for business, or centrally managed antivirus. To strengthen your MSP’s endpoint security strategy, consider the following solutions.

1. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions

EDR solutions can monitor endpoint system events and activities, giving your team the visibility necessary to uncover problems or threats that would otherwise go unnoticed. These solutions help you stay ahead of threats across your customer networks, with real-time endpoint file analysis and monitoring to identify threats and determine if action is necessary. Plus, they can help with fileless attacks as well.

EDR solutions are even more effective when they’re integrated—which is why N-able RMM and N-central allow you to stay ahead of threats without leaving your all-in-one dashboard. RMM and N-central are powerful remote monitoring and management tools that include enterprise-grade EDR capabilities to help you prevent attacks and respond to threats. Features of the integrated EDR solution within these two platforms include offline protection, enhanced quarantine, automated rollback, and behavioral AI engines and machine learning.

2. Centrally managed antivirus

Some customers may prefer to stick with antivirus instead of opting for full EDR solutions. While AV does offer lesser protection than EDR, good AV solutions can still offer a mix of value and protection. Some customers may use AV across the board to keep costs down, or may take a risk-based approach by using AV for most employees and EDR for higher-risk employees.

For customers opting for antivirus, it helps to centrally manage AV across your customer base from one dashboard. A good managed antivirus solution allows you to configure the protection you need for before, during, and after a cyberattack. Tools like RMM and N-central use up-to-date virus definitions for signature-based scans that allow you to protect against existing malware threats, as well as rule-based and behavioral scans to look for anything suspicious that might indicate an emerging or otherwise unknown threat.

3. Password management

When it comes to accessing your endpoint devices, proper password management is often your first line of defense against unauthorized individuals. Strong, unique passwords that are stored securely can help deter and prevent cyberattackers—and a robust password management solution makes implementing and managing strong passwords easy.

N-able Passportal is a powerful password management system that utilizes an encrypted vault controlled by role-based permissions and multifactor authentication for optimal security. This tool also helps your team and customers, via the Passportal Site add-on, generate complex passwords that get stored in a centralized location. For maximum efficiency, Passportal can also be integrated with RMM or N-central to deliver a powerful, all-in-one endpoint security solution.

4. Email protection

Email protection is a crucial part of endpoint security because poor email security can make your endpoints vulnerable to attack. Email represents one of the main ways that data traffic enters and exits your network. As such, cybercriminals regularly exploit email to conceal and deliver their cyberattacks. Research has shown that cybercriminals may even be using email to deliver malware in up to 90% of cyberattacks. Secure email gateways are able to monitor incoming and outgoing emails for suspicious activity, blocking potentially malicious emails from being received or delivered.

N-able Mail Assure is a highly sophisticated email protection solution that uses collective threat intelligence to filter emails with 99.999% accuracy. The proprietary filtering technology helps you protect your customers from email spoofing, phishing, spam, impersonation, social engineering attacks, and other email-borne threats. With 24/7 email continuity, you can help prevent customer downtime and decreased productivity with a web-based console that remains available even in the event of an outage.

Getting started with endpoint security for business

Endpoint security is critical for protecting your customers’ networks from cybercriminals. N-central covers a range of aspects of endpoint security, including EDR, web filtering software for business, centrally managed antivirus, mobile device management, access control, network filtering, password management, and more. This solution is ideal for MSPs that deal with complex infrastructure, providing a user-friendly and fully centralized platform that makes safeguarding your endpoints easy. For MSPs interested in learning more, a 30-day free trial is available.

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