Gain peace of mind and leave backup complexity behind

Fast, reliable recovery is the whole reason we do backups in the first place. But the complexity of managing multiple backup products, juggling ever-growing local storage, keeping backup chains error free, and coordinating off-site backup storage can have a negative impact on the reliability that brings peace of mind. The more staff, people, and vendors are involved, the less likely your process will be consistent and error-free.

N-able MSP partner, and former Veeam user, Brett Mason, managing director and founder of Traction IT, said, “When you’ve got close to 190 different backup servers, you’ve got to log on to do upgrades manually, to look for different passwords, to log onto those … it was really cumbersome.”

Throw complexity out the window

Unnecessary complexity can bring too many moving parts, introducing the potential for human error, or as Mason put it, “too many areas that can come unstuck.” A few examples include:

  • Local-only backups can be vulnerable to storage device malfunctions and require constant monitoring to be sure storage device capacity has not been exceeded, stopping backups.
  • Local backup appliances require physical visits to install, upgrade, maintain, and replace them as data grows. If the cloud backup process is reliant upon an aggregator appliance, it can become a single point of failure.
  • Adding a separate third-party cloud storage vendor introduces another layer of management, and another potential source of communication breakdowns.
  • The more different backup products, types of storage, and cloud providers, the greater the likelihood of human error. Complex backup configurations can require your most highly trained and senior staff to manage them with confidence—is that really how you want to spend these valuable people’s time?

Worry over these issues can lead to sleepless nights and unnecessary stress.

Say goodbye to unnecessary stress

Lionel Naidoo, managing director and founder of Dragon IS, came to this realization. “Standardization’s quite an important thing because when you have lots of customers to worry about, you don’t want five different backup products. That just makes your life a nightmare. Or a backup product that’s cumbersome, because each customer that you bring on, you’re going to bring on that product.”

One key to backup confidence and recovery peace of mind is choosing a straightforward direct-to-cloud backup product with cloud storage included. Standardizing on one solution, such as N-able Backup, can let even your junior staff manage backups across all your customers, and their many data sources, from a single dashboard.

If backup complexity is causing you stress and uncertainty, try N-able Backup today. Be ready for all types of recovery, from bare metal recovery to fast file restore, and enhance your recovery peace of mind.

Carrie Reber is senior product marketing manager for N-able

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