An introduction to GFI MAX RemoteManagement from Chris Martin

At MAX IQ it’s our aim to bring you content which will benefit your business; because that is what we do at GFI MAX – we help MSPs grow!

That is why we’re not just going to tell you that we think our products are wonderful (although we do think they’re pretty great), instead we aim to actually show you how our suite of products can help your business grow- we’ll bring you tips and advice on how you can use our products to save money and offer a brilliant service to your clients.

So, to get us started we thought an introduction to each product was in order and who better to introduce GFI MAX RemoteManagement than someone who really knows what this tool can do for MSPs! How does he know this? Because he was one!

Here is a brief introduction to GFI MAX RemoteManagement from, Chris Martin, co-founder of GFI MAX:

“Once upon a time we were the IT guy spinning round trying to please multiple clients, struggling to have a home life, working all hours, constantly interrupted and unable to focus on work we knew we ought to do, unable to take holidays and unable to grow our business to escape the tangle.

“So, in 2004 we started working on GFI MAX. We were the first SaaS, monthly payment, full feature Remote Monitoring and Management solution aimed 100% at IT Support Companies and Managed Service Providers. Built from the ground up to fulfill the tasks IT Support Companies need it to and with a commercial model to fit your business not ours. And we’ve been that way for nearly 10 years now. Others have been playing catch up!

“GFI MAX Remote Management and its associated products helps IT Support Companies demonstrate their level of care to prospective new clients. It also helps them deliver a faster, more pro-active service more profitably to existing clients. GFI MAX is used around the world by IT Support companies of all sizes, to run their client relationships profitably.

“And, we’re not even just software. We’re a community of crowd-sourced expertise and assets, helping IT Support Companies do better business to escape to a more profitable, predictable and scalable business.”

GFI MAX RemoteManagement is a fully featured RMM (remote Monitoring and Management) tool for MSPs and IT Support with a massive range of features and an enviable roadmap!

Try it out for yourself and see how GFI MAX RemoteManagement could make a difference to your business with a FREE 30-day trial.

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