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sales brochure templatesAlthough various pundits may be harping on about the death of direct mail, as regular readers of MSP Business Management know, the written word is very much alive.

Another way that you can deliver your business message and let potential customers and clients know about your business is through the use of sales brochures.

The problem is – as with most other issues facing a SMB owner – time. As in, there’s never enough of it.

It takes time to create a good looking and effective piece of copy, doesn’t it? Of course it does, when you do it from scratch.

Why not save yourself some time and use a sales brochure template instead of trying to build one from the ground up.

Even if you’re not artistically inclined, by using  a template you’ll be able to create attractive and effective flyers within minutes.  With most of these templates, all you need to do is open them up in Word and the click on the sections of text to replace them with your own copy.

The number one thing to remember when wrting a sales brochure for your business is to keep it simple. Although you might be tempted to cram as much information as possible into what space you have, DON’T. Give the words, as they say in the biz, plenty of room to “breathe”. Don’t confuse the reader by including huge blocks of text.

So now you know the basics, you can get started. Here are a few places from around the web that have sales brochures online, some of them are paid and some are free.

Some of the websites below even have specialized IT/high tech templates for that extra bit of sizzle.

Did we miss your favorite template site? Share with others in the comments below.

Sales Brochure Templates Online

Microsoft Office Online 

Lots of great examples here. They’ve even got some IT specific brochures. You’ll need either Word or Microsoft Publisher in order to use these.

HP: SMB Center 

Good advice on how to design a brochure, as well as some sales brochure templates in .DOC format.

Xerox Templates for SMB

You name it, they got it here at Xerox. Not only sales brochure templates, but postcards, sales flyers, business cards, calendars and even office forms! Templates are free and in MS Word format.

Stock Layouts 

You have to pay for these, but at $99 a pop, they might be exactly what you need to jump start your marketing. Plus, if you find a design you really like and can use it year after year, you’ll really get your money’s worth.

Brochure Monster 

If $99 is a little too rich for your blood, try Brochure Monster (That’s something I’d hate to meet in a dark alleyway). These templates run between $10-$20.

Optimal Print

Another paid service, Optimal Print is also a full service printing company. You can use your own brochure design or choose from one of their templates.

By Scott Calonico

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