N-able N-central and Microsoft Intune: Better Together

Juggling more than one solution to manage your customers’ IT cuts down on your efficiency and can increase the chances of potential errors (and frustrated customers). For years, N-able, formerly SolarWinds MSP, has sought to bring as much monitoring and management under one roof as possible to help simplify the process.

Many of our MSP partners are extending their purview to Microsoft Intune to further zero-touch deployment, compliance, conditional access, and more. Because of this, integrating the two solutions became a no-brainer. Our new integration between N-able N-central® and Microsoft Intune offers you the ability to more easily bring device management under one roof, where the two solutions add up to more when they’re combined.

One place for full visibility

The right technologies and services can further your success—that’s where the single-pane-of-glass view comes in.

This can help you improve efficiency, keep more of what you earn, and get more out of your existing team. It can also improve morale among your technicians when things go smoothly—no one enjoys switching management consoles.

That’s one of the biggest reasons we decided to integrate with Microsoft Intune—to give you greater visibility over more devices so you don’t have to waste time switching between different systems. Here’s some of the stuff the new integration will help you do:

  • Onboard devices more easily: When working with devices managed by Microsoft Intune, you can leverage the multitenant capabilities of N-able N-central to quickly authenticate, discover, and add devices to your dashboard. Plus N-central allows you to set policies once, then propagate those policies throughout a customer’s site, saving you considerable time when bringing new devices under your control. On top of this, Microsoft Intune offers zero-touch deployment via Microsoft Autopilot, making onboarding even more of a breeze.
  • Receive alerts and notifications in one place: Once N-central pushes an agent to a device managed by Intune, N-central can monitor it the way it would any other device. This allows you to view alerts and notifications on issues and policies in N-central for Intune devices alongside the rest of your customers’ IT devices. By using the existing PSA integrations, you can now generate tickets for Intune devices in the same way you generate tickets for other devices in N-central.
  • Remotely support devices managed by Intune: If you find an issue on a device managed by Intune, you can leverage the same great remote support tools you get for the rest of your devices with Take Control. That means you can still use the same fast, safe connections to support Intune devices as you do all other devices—so you can rapidly address problems.
  • Consolidate device reporting: Bringing all devices under one roof helps simplify reporting. Rather than patching together reports from multiple sources, you can now offer them to your customers across their entire IT estates.

You can also quickly shift to the Intune management console when you need to use its features. This allows you to choose the right tool for the job when needed.

Better together

This integration opens new doors for MSP partners. If you have customers using Intune, you can now see alerts and generate reports across your customers’ entire IT estates efficiently from one dashboard. If you don’t have customers using Intune, you can now confidently support prospects who do. Ultimately, when you combine the two solutions, you end up with an integration that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

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