Partnering for Growth: Strong Defenses, Solid MSP Partnerships

Protecting your customers from cyberthreats requires strong layered security defenses. One of the layers many MSPs neglect is email filtering technology, despite email being the most common attack vector used by cybercriminals. If you aren’t offering email protection as part of your managed security services, you’re leaving customers vulnerable to targeted email attacks that can potentially cause damage to multiple applications in their networks.

As an MSP you need to protect your customers’ crown jewels. With the magnitude of solutions and tools out there, it can be overwhelming choosing one that will best protect your customers’ most valuable assets—and also have your growth and success in mind.

The following guide can help you through your decision-making process as you review which solution will suit both your customers’ and your own business needs:

Email is the #1 attack vector1

One wrong click can bring down an entire network. Deploying powerful, professional-grade email filtering technology can help reduce the risk of cyberattacks and ensure greater uptime and business continuity for your customers. It probably goes without saying, but solid solutions lead to satisfied customers who are more likely to purchase additional services and spread the word about your business.

Strong email security is just as effective as the security foundation you’ve built for your customers

It’s important to assess your customers’ risks and implement email security with the right combination of security layers, such as web protection, patch management, firewall management, strong password management tools, and endpoint protection—including a solid backup solution.

Cloud-based applications still need specialist protection

Many of your customers are questioning why they need extra security when using cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 or G Suite, and assume cloud-based solutions and collaboration tools take care of all their security and data retention needs for them. While they are generally secure and constantly improving their security technology, nothing is perfect. However, it’s no news that these giants are key targets for cybercriminals. Earlier this year, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning of hackers targeting Microsoft 365 accounts and Google Suite2 with business email compromise attacks. A layered security approach with reliable security solutions can make the difference between losing business due to a data breach or winning new business due to having a reputation for trust and protection.

Are the vendors MSP centric?

Many vendors offer powerful security solutions, but don’t put you as MSP at the center. This may limit you from offering security products and bundles at attractive pricing—and limit your growth. Also consider the resources your vendor is offering you to help grow your business. Are they thinking along with you and focused on solving the challenges you face? Next, review the portfolio of monitoring, security, and business tools of vendors—are they simple, powerful, integrated, and designed to make your life as an MSP easier?

Managed email protection is an essential part of a strong security foundation to help reduce your customers’ risks. But, it’s important to think in terms of a multilayered defense by adding robust endpoint security that directly secures end-user devices, and a healthy backup system to protect against ransomware, allowing continuation of business-critical functions if your systems are down (e.g. email archive, continuity). However, probably one of the most important factors to take into consideration is whether you are partnering with a vendor that puts you as MSP at the center of their operations—a true partner who can help you grow and succeed with the right combination of tools, pricing, resources, and knowledge.


SolarWinds® Mail Assure can help you protect your customers against email-borne cyberthreats. With Mail Assure, you get a simple, unified email security platform designed with MSPs in mind. To learn more, listen to one of our Mail Assure customers in this video


Mia Thompson is product marketing manager, Mail Assure, at SolarWinds MSP.



1 “2019 Data Breach Investigations Report,” Verizon. (Accessed August 2020).

2 “FBI Warns of BEC Attacks Abusing Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite,” Bleeping Computer. (Accessed August 2020).

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