The backbone of cloud backup for IT service companies

A profitable backup business means efficiently meeting the SLA/SLOs you have established with your customers.

N-able® Backup services (Backup or Backup Services), which are cloud backup services that protect documents, workstations, applications, and servers—all from a single console—help IT service providers and MSPs manage backup and recovery for all business data. This helps you prevent downtime from natural disaster, hardware failures, accidental deletions, ransomware, or just user error with fast restores from the cloud. Our worldwide network of data centers offers the security, reliability, and availability to help you grow your business while safeguarding your customers’ vital data.

In the context of this document, Backup data (Backup Data) refers to the data from your workstations or servers that is backed up utilizing the Backup Services.

Data location

As a global company, we operate in over 21 countries, and we take protecting data extremely seriously. We have partnered with top data center providers in each region, currently operating a point of presence in 17 countries. Our global data centers, used in the Backup Services, are designed to offer security, reliability, and availability, no matter where in the world you operate. Our data centers and their associated certifications are shown in the table to the right.

Data center ownership

We partner with some of the world’s leading providers of data centers. All data centers are selected after a strict due-diligence process that considers, among other things, the physical security levels, certification levels, location, scalability, reliability, security, and financial stability of the organization.

Data Protection

All Backup Data is encrypted locally using AES 256-bit encryption prior to transfer to the data center. Backup Data is further protected in transit using TLS 1.2 over a secure connection.

Physical Security

Data centers for the Backup Data provide 24/7 security, including biometric hand geometry readers for every door and server cage. CCTV digital cameras cover the entire data center, including cages with detailed surveillance and audit logs.


Power: All data centers for the Backup Data are equipped with backup power sources, including uninterruptable power supplies, backup systems, and diesel generators.

Physical Environment: In each region that we operate, we select top-tier data center providers who have selected their locations to mitigate any impact from the possibility of flooding. Additionally, the data centers typically enlist a combination of moisture sensors and barriers, dedicated pumps, and more to protect against water damage. A typical fire protection system at one of our data centers will be multi-zoned, dry-piped, double-interlocked, and pre-actioned.

Data centers meet or exceed local building codes for seismic design for earthquake protection.

Operating Environment: Data centers use robust HVAC for stable airflow and N+1 on all major equipment and up to N+2 on chillers and thermal energy storage.

All of our data centers use primary and secondary internet circuits—and where available, are carrier and geo-diverse. All servers are protected through redundancy in hardware, and all storage is RAID6 (with mission-critical support).

Microsoft 365 Backup processing locations

While N-able Backup stores backups for Microsoft 365™ in the designated Storage Locations, in some cases, backup processing on its way to storage may occur in a country other than the Storage Location. Specifically, Microsoft 365 backup data stored in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and The Netherlands will pass through another European Union country en route to its final storage location.

Recovery testing locations

If you choose to use the Recovery Testing feature of N-able Backup, N-able will create a test virtual machine (VM), restore the Backup Data from your most recent backup, take a screenshot, and delete the VM. If Backup Data is stored in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany or Australia, this test location is currently in the same country as Backup Data storage. If your Backup Data storage location is in the European Union (EU), but outside Germany, the test restore will take place in another EU country, not necessarily your own. This Recovery Testing feature may not be available for all N-able Backup customers.

N-able Backup

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