Take more control of internet use with content filtering software for businesses

In an age of widespread web-based threats, many MSPs know that web filtering and web protection are key to keeping their customers safe. But for MSPs hoping to prevent web-based threats for multiple customers, what is the best way to manage filtering?

N-able RMM helps MSPs take control of internet content filtering with an easy-to-use web-based console. The web protection feature helps you prevent users from stumbling across unsafe sites. Custom web protection rules for desktops, laptops, and servers empower you to create a solution that best fits each individual customer.

What’s more, N-able RMM’s detailed reporting helps you analyze browsing activity and measure how well your internet filtering protocols are working, so you can continuously improve security.

Easily monitor customer activity to keep an eye on potential threats

Keeping users off unsafe sites can be challenging when you must manage diverse networks, remote workers, and virtual environments. Effective internet content filtering and web protection make it easy with standardized policies and the ability to create your own custom policies.

N-able RMM comes equipped with an up-to-date list of known unsafe sites and robust monitoring features that help you keep your customers safe. It also allows you to block list individual sites or site categories to tailor filtering to your specific needs. Automatically enforce custom browsing policies that protect users and keep them off sites that hinder productivity.

Advanced bandwidth monitoring capabilities also allow you to monitor daily usage on your managed network through automated bandwidth checks and alerts. If RMM uncovers any unusual spikes in usage or irregularities, you’ll be notified so you can be aware of potential threats.

Improve customer productivity with business internet filtering software

Internet content filtering is essential for keeping managed networks safe against outsider threats—but sometimes customers want to filter internet content for reasons unrelated to cybersecurity. Many small businesses use filtering to keep their employees from accessing recreational sites during work hours to maximize productivity. N-able RMM helps make this process easier for MSPs.

With this solution, you can work with your customers to create custom web filtering policies across a wide range of website categories to reduce unproductive internet usage. You can also modify blocked list rules to allow employees access to certain sites outside of standard business hours if you wish. These features allow MSPs to increase cybersecurity and boost productivity without over-filtering.

Protect your customers with web-based security that works alongside additional layers of defense

With so much sensitive data being shared over the internet and between employees daily, it’s important that MSPs take a variety of measures to prevent bad actors from stealing this data. An unencrypted and unfiltered network puts this data at risk via web-based threats.

However, web protection is only truly effective when used in combination with other important security considerations like antivirus, email protection, and patch management.

With N-able RMM, your internet filtering software sits alongside all these other key features in one powerful tool. Managed antivirus with extensive signature-based scanning helps provide more comprehensive protection against malware, phishing, adware, and more. Robust patch management capabilities provide customizable policies to avoid vulnerabilities and prevent cyberattacks. An all-in-one solution provides enhanced protection with features that work together.

Unlock internet content filtering software for businesses

  • Take advantage of a targeted approach to internet content filtering
  • Keep an eye on web-based threats like malware, phishing, and spam
  • Help your customers improve their workplace productivity