Recover deleted emails and avoid losing critical information

Whether caused by accidental deletion or a malicious attack, losing critical email communication is an ever-present risk for many businesses. Cloud collaboration solutions like Microsoft 365 typically have limited email retention periods, meaning it’s up to MSPs to help protect their customers’ data by ensuring a reliable email archiving and recovery solution is in place.

With N-able Mail Assure, you get encrypted, long-term email archiving with an unlimited retention period. The solution allows users to enable email data recovery and quickly retrieve messages they may have accidentally deleted. The email archiving for Microsoft 365  feature in Mail Assure helps avoid Outlook data loss, ultimately freeing you to devote time to more business-critical issues.

Maintain email operations to help ensure business continuity

As an MSP, you know the importance of ensuring your customers are always able to maintain critical business operations—and email is still the lifeblood of most modern businesses. N-able Mail Assure includes 24/7 email continuity by default, giving end users web-based access to archived emails and the email quarantine during outages. Users can receive, send, and reply to email directly from the Mail Assure dashboard. Mobile device compatibility enables users to send and receive emails even if they don’t have their computer handy.

Mail Assure also includes 14-day email queue support, meaning that even if the primary email service is offline for two weeks, Mail Assure will continue to deliver email and store emails in the incoming delivery queue. The tool features web-based networking tools to help diagnose issues and increase visibility into server downtime and outages. Full fallback MX service is included, which helps ensure emails are delivered and your customers can remain productive.

Reduce customer data loss with email archiving

Human error, ransomware, natural disasters, and more can all lead to losing important email data—which can have severe consequences for your customers. Email archiving with N-able Mail Assure can provide a safe and searchable history of email communication, while reducing the risk of losing messages or access to important email data. Mail Assure also employs robust encryption in transit (using TLS encryption) and at rest (using AES encryption) to help keep data secure.

Unlike some other email recovery solutions, Mail Assure offers custom retention periods, giving MSPs control to meet customers’ individual requirements. Journaling support helps users easily pull emails from existing Microsoft environments, and the advanced redelivery feature allows customers to send email from the archive to an inbox.

Improve compliance with data processing and security regulations

To remain in compliance with data processing regulations, organizations must ensure they are storing critical business communication—which includes electronic messages.

N-able Mail Assure is an email recovery software that compresses, encrypts, and stores inbound and outbound emails to help ensure data is not lost. Compressed storage also helps keep data usage and costs low.

With Mail Assure, you can also set email retention policies to meet your customers’ individual requirements—and enable or disable archiving per mailbox to help you and your customers manage storage needs.

Many businesses face strict rules regarding data processing and security, and therefore may need to use data centers located in specific regions. Mail Assure offers a default global region, but also allows you to select storage options for your logs, quarantines, and archive data in the US, EU, UK, Australia, or Canada for a solution that works for you and your customers.

N-able Mail Assure

Email recovery software helps keep customer data safe

  • Provide 24/7 email continuity services
  • Encrypt and archive email communications with customizable retention periods
  • Add layers of security for inbound and outbound email