Machine learning technology provides continuously updated spam and malware protection

N-able Mail Assure’s collective threat intelligence features are designed to help your enterprise security tools become more accurate over time as they collect more data. Mail Assure’s email monitoring tools are built to provide full protection against email security threats. The machine learning features include capabilities that you would expect—like anti-malware protection—as well as protection against social engineering attacks.

Machine learning with N-able is designed to be smart. Proprietary email filtering technology uses inputs from the large volumes of email data that feed into our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine. Email filtering, combined with real-time pattern threat recognition and machine learning technology, helps to protect users against hard-to-detect email-borne threats—with close to zero false positives.

Help prevent targeted attacks with spear phishing prevention and intelligent filtering

Many email providers offer basic spam filters. But typical spam filters are often unable to detect targeted threats like spear phishing, spoofing, and other impersonation threats. When an employee receives a personally targeted email that convincingly imitates a legitimate email, your business is at high risk for security compromise. Your business needs a multi-pronged filter to detect scams, not just spam.

With intelligent filtering, Mail Assure uses a multi-engine approach for email security with support for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC included by default to help block spoofing emails. Automatic monitoring of DKIM signatures allows you to ensure the content you are receiving has not been modified by a third party. And domain-based message authentication helps to verify the server authenticity of any sender.

Encrypt email traffic and archives for safe communication

Encryption helps ensure your email data isn’t accessible to third-party attackers. Automatic mail encryption with Mail Assure helps to protect your emails in transit (using TLS encryption) and at rest (using AES encryption).

To help secure your data in transit between server and web browser, N-able Mail Assure uses SSL/TLS traffic encryption to automatically protect messages in transit. Symmetric cryptography with SSL/TLS protocol allows you to ensure data is not lost or modified.  Robust email archiving with an unlimited retention period helps protect you against data loss and helps ensure you and your customers’ data is safe and available.

Integrate your email threat protection software with Microsoft 365 for seamless business security

Mail Assure allows you to safeguard your Microsoft 365 inboxes with proprietary email filtering technology—with near 100% accuracy. When you use the Microsoft 365 add-in available from Microsoft  AppSource, you can give your clients added control to report spam and “not spam” messages from Outlook, on the web, macOS or Windows PC, iOS, iPadOS, or Android—all at no additional cost.

Additional Microsoft  365 benefits include:

  • Leverage single sign-on (SSO) for Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory to the Mail Assure dashboard
  • Provide power over email flow, with user access to the spam quarantine—this includes options to release, remove, block, or allow messages
  • Keep email up and running with 24/7 built-in email continuity, so users can continue to receive, compose, and send email in the case of Microsoft 365 outages or downtime
  • Retain and recover Microsoft 365 emails with email archiving that offers an unlimited retention period
  • Help users to easily pull emails from existing Microsoft environments with support for journaling

Monitor links and attachments in your emails to flag suspicious activity

As any managed services provider (MSP) knows, it’s common for cybercriminals to use malicious links as part of their attack. It’s also possible that, even if your employee receives a good-faith email from a legitimate sender, you could come under attack due to a dangerous attachment that the sender had not properly screened.

To help prevent security compromise from harmful attachments, Mail Assure monitors extensions and attachments in your incoming mail. With the help of Mail Assure, automatic blocking of suspicious attachments provides a line of defense against malware contained in .pdf files, .zip files, macros, and more.

Email threat prevention to minimize your chance of targeted attacks

  • Use intelligent filtering to prevent spam, spear phishing, malware, and more
  • Encrypt your emails both in transit and in the archive
  • Enable business integration with Microsoft 365