Discover devices as they are added to customer networks to help ensure nothing slips through the cracks

It’s hard to know how to resolve issues if you don’t know about all the devices that are present on a customer’s network. As networks become more complex over time, IT infrastructure discovery has become vital to ensuring that networks are secure and performing well. For MSPs working to maintain optimal security and productivity for their customers, the first step is finding an IT infrastructure discovery tool that provides valuable insights into customer network topologies.

The N-able™ N-central® software offers powerful discovery capabilities to help ensure you know your customers’ networks inside and out. Network topology mapping with N-able N-central automatically generates detailed network maps that show interconnectivity between devices—regardless of type, operating system, platform, or location.

These topology maps offer deep visibility and allow MSPs to gain an understanding of networks at a glance. Combined with an auto-detect capability that automatically identifies and captures any changes, MSPs can rest assured that their topology maps provide an up-to-date reference for effective troubleshooting.

Automate processes, monitor devices, and troubleshoot issues with precision

Manual network discovery is a time-consuming and error-prone process. The right network discovery tools not only automate the discovery process but can also assist with preventing and resolving network issues that arise.

N-able N-central enables you to onboard new devices and begin monitoring immediately to help ensure consistent service delivery. Easily deploy configurable rules, filters, and updates to groups of devices—even if they’re in different physical or virtual locations. The all-in-one software also includes an automation manager that allows you to create and deploy scripts without the need to learn a new coding language—taking repetitive or low-value tasks out of your workflow and letting you get back to tackling critical customer issues.

Help keep customers safe from data breaches with IT infrastructure management tools

To protect against data breaches, MSPs need to know what devices are on the network and what security measures are in place. N-able N-central helps by automatically detecting new devices and applying service templates as they come online.

If a new device needs to be managed, N-able N-central offers MSPs a cloud-based infrastructure management toolkit to help. The program gives you the tools needed to monitor the performance, health, connection logs, and configurations of relevant customer devices. By providing this visibility, N-able N-central makes it possible to identify and troubleshoot issues easily from a single intuitive interface.

Help prevent downtime and support your customers’ business objectives with remote infrastructure discovery tools that are designed to maintain top-notch security and overall efficiency.

More easily scale your business with IT infrastructure discovery tools

With the proliferation of mobile devices and BYOD policies, customer networks have become more complex. MSPs need IT discovery tools that will help them evaluate, onboard, and service customers easier.

Using N-able N-central network topology mapping, MSPs can use a view of their prospective customer’s environments to help provide quotes for IT infrastructure management. They can then use profiles, rules, and filters to preconfigure or update devices in bulk (even across multiple locations).

In addition, the tool allows MSPs to easily organize service offerings and customers in a single interface so they can resolve issues more quickly. Using the infrastructure discovery tools of N-able N-central puts critical information at your fingertips, helping you scale more efficiently.

Infrastructure discovery tools that provide the visibility you need

  • Gain critical insights into customer network topology and interconnectivity
  • Save time troubleshooting with proactive auto-discovery and topology mapping
  • Easily scale alongside your customers as their needs grow and change