Monitor and manage your systems more efficiently with network operations center monitoring software

Network operations centers are hubs of activity that are critical to the success of the systems they support—which is why they need powerful software to monitor everything.

N-able N-central® provides on-premises or hosted remote management systems, offering a centralized management location where complex IT networks are monitored 24/7. This robust network operations center monitoring software provides a direct window into your customers’ critical systems, allowing you to receive real-time updates on the status of networks, servers, applications, websites, and more.

NOC monitoring software is a critical part of ensuring that you’re able to meet your service level agreements cost-effectively. That’s why N-central offers a comprehensive set of remote management system tools, including features for automating tasks, mapping customer networks, patching, reporting and analysis, and adhering to network security best practices.

Optimize network management with a consolidated NOC monitoring software solution

NOCs can be hectic and busy, which is why you should thoroughly consider every opportunity to save on operating costs or improve the efficiency of the services you provide. N-central includes remote monitoring and management tools designed specifically to help MSPs do that.

N-central helps to streamline monitoring operations, saving time and costs for both you and customers. The automated monitoring solutions are especially useful, as they let you view resources across an entire network from a single console. Whether you are configuring a workstation or deploying a batch of software patches, you’ll be able to use the N-central RMM capabilities to easily troubleshoot issues for multiple networks from the same pane of glass.

Minimize downtime and reduce customer calls to your help desk

Proactive network monitoring, driven by powerful detection algorithms and an automated smart alerting system, allows you to anticipate potential issues and remedy them before they appear. This helps to prevent downtime and keep tickets to a minimum.

If you’re discovering issues because of a user-submitted tickets, you can probably benefit from a more proactive monitoring setup with real-time alerts. N-central provides a powerful and affordable option with features designed by technicians for technicians, making it simple and straightforward to maintain accurate hardware inventory while receiving real-time updates on network performance. This allows you to proactively respond to issues as they arise instead of reacting to customer complaints.

Detect and correct infrastructure incidents from a single pane of glass

N-central allows you to reboot servers, reset network interfaces, restart crashed applications, and respond to critical infrastructure incidents quickly and easily.

N-central offers support for a wide range of device manufacturers and operating systems, providing you with holistic visibility into the performance of routers, switches, servers, web apps, sites, and security elements like firewalls and VPN tunnels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a network operations center, and how does it work?

What is a network operations center, and how does it work?

A network operations center (NOC) is the centralized interface or location where an MSPs technicians can get updates about the health and performance of critical infrastructure devices. When the remote management system detects an issue that requires troubleshooting, the NOC is going to be your first stop. The NOC helps identify anomalous behavior and get you started to remediate the problem before it can affect your customers.

The primary focus of every NOC should be to maximize network availability while keeping network performance within optimal parameters. Because of its critical position in enabling end users to carry out their usual responsibilities, the NOC plays a considerable role in helping ensure a positive customer experience.

What is a network operations center monitoring software solution?

What is a network operations center monitoring software solution?

MSPs managing large, complex networks for enterprise companies know that the right tools can mean the difference between mediocre service and great service. NOC software centralizes your management tools, allowing you to monitor and maintain your customers’ infrastructure and equipment, databases, firewalls and security solutions, mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and more. The best NOC software tools and management services have the capability to monitor support calls and help desk ticketing systems for a holistic approach to improving team productivity and efficiency.

Network operations center monitoring software is designed to help support technicians by improving your team’s efficiency. The NOC is a sort of command center for critical system activities—ranging from monitoring the performance and health of applications, networks, and devices, to analyzing bandwidth, deploying configuration changes, and preventing cybersecurity threats and hacking attempts. A NOC monitoring software solution provides visibility into each of these services and their respective dashboards, all from within the same user interface.

Why is network operations center monitoring software important for MSPs?

Why is network operations center monitoring software important for MSPs?

RMM tools are the backbone of the MSP service model for good reason. They empower you to remove the inefficiencies in your customers’ systems, track resource usage across networks, deploy patches and configuration changes, and more—from one centralized console. By collecting performance data from devices across the entire network and analyzing those metrics for signs of anomalous or unauthorized activity, NOC software puts the status of your customers’ systems at your fingertips.

This deep visibility is also vital for accurate capacity planning, which can help you scale operations across multiple networks and pass the improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs on to your customers. This could help expand your customer base to include smaller businesses and organizations.

NOC software can also provide insight into which devices, users, and processes are hogging the most bandwidth and can even reveal otherwise undetected resource drains and performance dependencies. Once you know which resources are being improperly used and by whom, you’ll be able to drill down to what’s really causing the problem even faster.

Prevent downtime with network operations center monitoring software

  • Monitor critical systems from one consolidated platform
  • Reduce help desk requests with proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Troubleshoot issues faster and improve productivity