Block known malware with options to kill, quarantine, remediate, and rollback

There are several well-known attacks—for example, malware and ransomware—that hackers can deploy to threaten your workstations, servers, and even your entire network. MSPs need robust ransomware protection software that stays up to date with the latest threat intelligence to protect their customers.

N-able RMM comes equipped with extensive protection to block known threats as soon as it detects certain characteristics. To supplement this base layer of protection, MSPs can also create customized policies. Plus, you can deploy the antivirus automatically for ransomware protection across sites, servers, and workstations.

Manage sophisticated, evolving cyberattacks with integrated endpoint detection and response software

Staying up to date on known malware and ransomware threats is only half the battle. As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and evolve each day, your customers need the advanced protection offered by endpoint detection and response. With N-able RMM, you can unlock these features without having to leave your RMM dashboard.

This enterprise ransomware prevention software replaces time-intensive recurring scans with real-time file analysis to offer round-the-clock protection, even online. Real-time alerts help ensure you don’t miss a potential threat. If a threat has been detected, RMM uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the threat and determine how best to respond.

To maximize your time and stop threats before they impact end-users, you can set automated responses to neutralize threats at the endpoint.

Detect even emerging and unknown threats using advanced AI engines and behavioral scanning

Although the threat landscape is always changing, you don’t have to wait for daily definition updates or clear signs of a common attack before you can act. RMM empowers you to take a proactive approach to enterprise ransomware protection.

Continuous real-time monitoring, active protection, and behavioral scanning mean you’ll have the resources available to shut down even the most sophisticated malware. You can also help protect your customers against unknown threats with advanced AI engines, or functions that detect new viruses in a sandbox environment that’s far away from core systems. With RMM, MSPs can help customers avoid being caught off guard by an emerging type of ransomware.

Keep users safe on the web with built-in web filtering software for business

To fully protect customers and shrink their attack surfaces, MSPs need to go beyond managed antivirus and firewalls and protect end users as they work on the web. In addition to ransomware protection software, RMM also features web-filtering software for business.

RMM offers broad-spectrum built-in protection from phishing, adware, malware, bots, and spam. To create a unique web protection solution, you can set your own content-filtering policies, allowlists, blocklists, and time and content-based policies. You can manage these web protection features and more from a consolidated web-based console for ease of use. To keep your customers safe and productive on the web, turn to ransomware protection software with web-filtering feature.

Address vulnerabilities and manage patches to reduce ransomware risks

As an MSP, you need to keep your customers’ systems patched and up-to-date in order to reduce vulnerabilities and help prevent ransomware attacks. However, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest updates as you manage workstations and servers for a full roster of customers. N-able RMM can help make sure you don’t miss an important security update.

This solution helps you streamline patch management by giving you granular control of your patch management policies. Once you have your policies configured to your customers’ unique needs, you can automatically approve, schedule, and deploy patches without disrupting end users. RMM also offers support for a wide range of popular third-party applications, including Adobe, Java, Exchange, and Microsoft 365.

These features reduce the risk of cyberattacks, optimize overall system performance, and support enterprise ransomware protection.

Protect your customers online with ransomware protection software

  • Fight back against known and emerging threats
  • Easily patch security vulnerabilities to reduce customers’ attack surfaces
  • Supplement enterprise ransomware prevention with web-filtering software