Support devices from nearly anywhere with a remote support mobile application

While on the road, your MSP technicians need a convenient and reliable way to access critical customer device information.

N-able Take Control is a fast, affordable, and powerful remote support software designed to help you connect in seconds and resolve issues quickly. Take Control comes with a native mobile app that allows your technicians to access and support customers’ devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Data from Take Control is accessible via the mobile app, so your technicians have everything they need to provide high-quality service while on the go. With Take Control’s mobile remote support app, you can deliver services at any time and from nearly anywhere, helping to increase the reliability of your MSP and strengthen your customer relationships.

Access and evaluate critical device details to troubleshoot more quickly

Successful troubleshooting relies on having all necessary information right at your fingertips—from drivers to hard drives, apps to updates, and everything in between. Your technicians need access to a complete picture of system and device details to troubleshoot quickly and serve customers effectively.

When you access N-able Take Control from the web, system information and troubleshooting tools are accessible in a central console. Your technicians won’t waste time searching for pertinent information, empowering them to skip straight to troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

Similarly, clear and streamlined dashboards are also available via the remote support mobile app. Once your technicians have access to device details like OS, CPU, and network information, they can connect to a customer’s device typically in under eight seconds, diagnose the issue, and start resolving it as quickly as possible.

Provide support to end machines using an iOS or Android mobile device

To make sure your support technicians are as effective as possible, it’s best for MSPs to provide flexible ways for them to support customers from wherever they are.

This remote support solution provides enterprise-grade cross-platform remote support, and the Take Control mobile app extends these capabilities by making it easier to provide support away from a desk. The Take Control mobile app is available as a native iOS remote support app or Android remote support app to access Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.

By giving your technicians the tools they need to support a diverse customer base, you can scale your business more easily and demonstrate to your customers that you can handle their rapidly changing needs.

Assist customers from almost anywhere with a robust remote support app

  • Access, evaluate, and support your customers’ devices from anywhere
  • Drill down on performance issues and troubleshoot quickly
  • Provide your technicians with the tools necessary to support a diverse customer base