Clearly demonstrate your value to clients with detailed, custom reports

Remote monitoring and management tools help IT providers accomplish more with the same resources. However, because much of your work occurs in the background, this can make it difficult to demonstrate your value to customers.

Report Manager from N-able lets you proactively show your value to your customers. Choose from over 45 premade reports or create your own custom reports for specific clients. Whether you want to show improvements in your clients’ security, demonstrate the need for more resources with capacity reports, or highlight strategic improvements for customers using our network assessment reports, Report Manager can help you strengthen customer relationships and act as their strategic Virtual CIO.

Gain full control

  • Custom reports: Generate custom reports to demonstrate your value to specific clients or to get the information you need to improve your own business’ operations.
  • Default reports: Work with over 45 reports on everything from capacity planning to data security that are ready to go out of the box.
  • Multiple report formats: Export reports to PDFs, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word. Additionally, you can configure reports to use your company’s branding and logos.

Extensive report categories

  • Executive summary: Show clients a high-level overview of their entire network with a professionally designed, dashboard-style report.
  • Network assessment: Use our network reports to discover issues in your customers’ infrastructure. This can be particularly helpful in sales conversations, as network assessment reports can be used to demonstrate the need for your IT services.
  • Security overview: Leverage our IT security reports to highlight improvements in your customers’ IT defenses over time.
  • Patch reports: View patch statuses of endpoints and servers across multiple client sites.
  • Device and capacity management: Review reports about the number of devices under management and data usage. This allows you to help bill accurately at the end of each cycle or to upsell new hardware to customers when needed.
  • Help desk reports: Take Advantage of Report Manager to generate reports on the status of help desk tickets, and the overall health of your service organization.

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