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Protect and back up critical business documents affordably

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Employees often keep working copies and final versions of important business documents on their local machines. But what if that workstation suffers a hardware failure or physical damage? What if a laptop is stolen? Losing critical business documents can mean wasted time at best—or serious consequences for a business at worst—if the data cannot be recovered.

N-able Backup Documents is an efficient, lightweight solution that automatically finds business documents on workstations and backs them up twice a day. Additionally, the system offers self-service to end users—empowering them to recover documents temporarily lost due to ransomware or accidental deletion without needing to call the help desk.

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Because N-able backup document software doesn’t back up system states or operating systems, and doesn’t require manual configuration, this feature can be offered at a lower price than full workstation backup, providing your customers with affordable protection against losing critical documents. It’s a great backstop for small customers who are unwilling to pay for full device data protection, but will certainly call their MSP when data is lost.

Protected document types include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files, OpenDocument and other open source file types, OneNote, .PST, PDF, Apple Keynote, Numbers and Pages files, StarOffice, TXT, CSV, several types of database files, Visio, and QuickBooks QBB files. A complete list of supported file types is found here.

N-able Backup Documents offers:

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  • Affordable backup: N-able Backup Documents is our lowest priced data protection offering, designed to provide a lightweight “insurance policy” against document loss.
  • Automatic deployment: Backup Documents can be deployed to each workstation automatically with no configuration required.
  • Automatic daily backups: Documents are backed up twice a day automatically.
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  • Document discovery: Backup Documents is engineered to automatically find business documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing files wherever they are stored on a local hard drive. It doesn’t matter if files are stored in a documents folder, on the desktop, or anywhere else. N-able Backup Documents looks for protected file types and backs them up.
  • 28 days of insurance: Document backups are automatically retained for 28 days. You can choose from up to 56 different restore points if a recovery is needed.
  • End user self-service: Users can log in to search and select the backed-up documents they need to recover without involving technical staff.

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