Bare Metal Recovery

Restore to bare metal in minutes

Disasters come in two types: small, everyday issues where the operating system is running but a few files or folders need to be restored, and other times when hardware failure or damage, malware, or natural disasters call for recovery of your entire device. N-able Backup is designed to handle either scenario quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need to perform true bare-metal recovery to new hardware, or to restore a full system to a virtual machine, you need to make it happen quickly so you can get systems up and running as fast as possible.

N-able Backup is designed to make bare-metal recovery smooth and painless—requiring little more than a bootable USB drive to get your customers back to business.

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N-able Backup offers:

Bare-metal-ready protection: The system lets you run regular backups of boot volumes, system states, applications, and system data to help ensure you’re ready for almost any disaster.

Rapid bare-metal recovery: N-able lets you select the fastest recovery source from a LocalSpeedVault or N-able cloud storage.

Simple bare-metal recovery: Perform bare-metal restores of the operating system, applications, and data in a single step using a bootable USB drive.

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N-able Backup Restores and Recovers

Complete physical restores: Even when you have only a partially functioning system, N-able Backup is designed to help with bare-metal restores of your systems to a state where the OS, applications, and data all function correctly.

Windows 10 Bare Metal Backup Compatibility: N-able Backup supports Windows 7 and higher, as well as Windows Server 2008/2012 R2.

Physical-to-virtual recovery: If your physical servers are unavailable you can recover the server as a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine, either to your own alternate location or to a Hyper-V instance in the Azure cloud.

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