Bare Metal Recovery

Restore servers to a VM or alternate hardware quickly when disaster strikes

There are two types of disasters. First, there are small, everyday issues where the operating system is running but a few files or folders need to be restored. Then there are major issues where hardware failure or damage, malware, or natural disasters call for recovery of the entire device. N-able Backup is designed to handle both scenarios quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need to perform true bare-metal recovery to new hardware, or restore a full system to a virtual machine, N-able Backup gets it done fast. This tool is designed to make bare-metal recovery smooth and painless—requiring little more than a bootable USB drive to get your customers back to business and minimize downtime to just minutes.

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Implement a disaster recovery plan to save time

With so many different types of possible disasters in play, it’s critical that organizations of any size have a disaster recovery plan in place to minimize downtime when issues arise. After all, downtime costs money—potentially a lot of money. Employee productivity, customer transactions, and sales revenue can all suffer when computers and other devices are offline. Your customers are counting on you to get them back up and running fast when disaster strikes. You need to be ready with a plan and a backup tool that offers fast and comprehensive recovery in the face of disasters.

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Get your customers back up and running quickly with fast full-system recovery

Whether you need to recover a physical server, a virtual server, or a workstation, you don’t need image-based backup to do the job anymore. N-ableTM Backup’s unique architecture is optimized for fast recovery of not only data, but also your full system state, so your entire system can be back up and running in just a few minutes exactly as it was before disaster struck. Enjoy the resource efficiency of N-able Backup with the recovery quality you’ve come to expect from image-based backup products.

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Ensure full-system restoration for workstations

Fast recovery is about more than just getting your physical and virtual servers up and running. Workstations play a central role in the operation of a business. If critical laptops are damaged, stolen, or compromised by malware, it’s just as important for your customers to get a fast restore as if a server was damaged. N-ableTM Backup offers full system recovery for workstations as well as the other key elements of your system. Just back up both data and system state, and you’re ready to recover in minutes.

Get full system recovery without the inefficiency of image-based backups

Over the years, the industry has taught us that image-based backups are the best way to achieve full-system recovery. But that’s not the case anymore. Most image backups come with inherent resource inefficiencies and unnecessary management complexity that makes the process far more challenging than it needs to be. With N-ableTM Backup, the limitations of image-based backups are eliminated. N-able Backup lets you enjoy management simplicity as well as resource and time efficiency—all while still delivering fast full-system restore right at your fingertips.

Recover full systems to a virtual machine or dissimilar hardware

With N-ableTM Backup you can simplify your recovery by recovering your full systems to dissimilar hardware or virtual machines hosted at the location of your choice. The tool makes it easy for physical servers to be recovered to a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine. That flexibility makes the process faster and easier. The virtual machine can be at your own location, or it can be a Hyper-V instance in Azure. All that means faster, more efficient restoration that leads to less downtime and happier customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is bare-metal recovery important?

Why is bare-metal recovery important?

When a server or workstation is damaged, stolen, or corrupted by malware, you need more than just the data stored there. To really be up and running again, you also need to recover the operating system, applications, and configurations. Bare-metal recovery lets you restore complete systems and devices fast when disaster strikes. Being able to get your systems up and running again is critically important to everything from the financial well-being of a company to the satisfaction of its customers.

When systems are unexpectedly unavailable, employees can’t do their jobs and productivity can immediately drop off. Customer transactions can come to a halt when computers are offline. Even sales revenue can suffer.

Given that disasters are inevitable, it’s critically important that you have a backup tool ready to help you regain full productivity fast.

Why is cloud-first recovery better than image-based backups?

Why is cloud-first recovery better than image-based backups?

For years, many people believed that image-based backups were the best way to restore a computer system when disaster inevitably struck. While it’s true that image-based backups are better than nothing, they are no longer the best option available.

Unfortunately, most image-based backup tools come with resource inefficiencies and various management complexities built-in. These backups allow for bare-metal restoration by storing images of your network systems and hard disks that are then written to other disks.

Full system recovery using a cloud-first backup solution like N-ableTM Backup brings you the recovery advantages of image backup, without the ongoing management complexity and resource inefficiency. Enjoy the same full-system restoration that you expect from image backups with the added advantages of management simplicity and improved time and resource efficiency.

What is included in bare-metal recovery?

What is included in bare-metal recovery?

This capability is designed to let you restore your full system to an entirely different piece of hardware or virtual machine. To achieve that successfully, the backups used for this method typically include the operating systems, data components, and applications that are needed to rebuild and restore your backed-up system from scratch.

With a quality solution, you can restore your system on matching or dissimilar hardware. It may even let you recover your physical servers onto VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines.

What does N-ableTM Backup offer?

What does N-ableTM Backup offer?

N-able Backup comes with a number of different restore options, providing maximum flexibility at recovery time. These include:

  • Bare-metal-ready protection:The system lets you run regular backups of boot volumes, system states, applications, and system data to help ensure you’re ready for almost any disaster.
  • Rapid bare-metal recovery:N-able Backup automatically selects the fastest source from a LocalSpeedVault or cloud storage.
  • Complete physical restores:Even when you have only a partially functioning system, our product is designed to help with restores of your systems to a state where the OS, applications, and data all function correctly.
  • Windows 10 bare-metal backup compatibility:N-able Backup supports Windows 7 and higher, as well as Windows Server 2008-2016.
  • Physical-to-virtual recovery: If your physical servers are unavailable you can recover the server as a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine, either to your own alternate location or to a Hyper-V instance in the Azure cloud.

N-able Backup

Get up and running fast with bare-metal recovery

  • Full-system restoration in minutes
  • Recover systems to virtual machines or dissimilar hardware
  • Restore workstations as well as servers