SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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Customer Support

Make Take Control your own

Your remote support tools should remind customers of your value, both when you need to provide help and when things run smoothly. We designed N-able Take Control to help put your company’s thumbprint on everything—from applets to reports to automated emails to the ways customers request support.

Beyond that, the brandable remote support software is built to offer many configuration options to help you optimize your support workflows even further, from automatic routing to mass agent deployments. In short, Take Control helps you customize the system to match your business needs.

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Take Control is built to:

  • Help keep your company’s name top-of-mind by custom branding the interface and reports
  • Help improve efficiency with automatic routing
  • Assist in increasing quality control by using customizable, post-session surveys
  • Aid in onboarding customers through pre-configured mass agent deployments
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Key features

Take control is designed to provide:

Custom branding on support request methods, wait time alerts, emails, applets, the applet file name, post-session surveys, and more to help you reinforce your value

Customizable Terms of Service to help you modify your agreements to meet your business’s needs

Changeable applet fields to help save time by routing requests to the right technician automatically

The ability to customize the support request website URL to help further reinforce your brand

Flexible technician creation, particularly around user permissions, to help control access and keep your system safe

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Additional key features

The ability to organize techs by department so the system can automatically route requests to help reduce the time you spend triaging issues

Post-session customer surveys with customizable questions and robust reports to help you gather feedback and improve customer service

Status updates for customers so they know where they are in the support queue

Mass agent deployments with customizable settings to help onboard customers faster

Try N-able Take Control today

Start a free, full-featured trial of N-able Take Control Plus today. Once you start your trial, you’ll have the option to choose the paid version of either Take Control or Take Control Plus.