SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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Backup add server and workstation

Take a proactive approach to enterprise data backups to help protect data

As a managed services provider (MSP), you know that taking a proactive approach to your customers’ security is essential. Neither you nor your customers can afford to wait for disaster to strike before you take data backups and security seriously — especially enterprise clients that generate vast amounts of data every day.

Regardless of whether you’re working with legacy solutions, maintaining backup storage hardware, or using cloud technology, enterprise data backups can quickly become complicated and cumbersome. In order to back up your customers’ operating systems and essential data, you’ll need a solution that can quickly and effectively handle large backups.

N-able Backup streamlines the backup process and makes the most of your staff’s time. The unified management console across customers and device types lets your team do more in less time and minimizes the potential for human error by performing the same tasks consistently across all your customers.

N-able Backup list of features

Help reduce data loss with a robust enterprise data backup solution

N-able Backup provides an enterprise data backup solution that helps you back up and recover data faster. N-able TrueDelta technology includes deep duplication and WAN optimization for fast cloud transfers.

N-able Backup backs up your data directly to our worldwide private cloud and includes the option to keep a local copy using an existing network share or the hardware of your choice. At the same time, private key encryption helps you keep your customers’ data protected in motion and at rest.

If device failure or data loss occurs, powerful features like our recovery console, bare metal recovery, and standby image option make it easy to recover data when your customers need it most.

Choose a cloud-first backup solution that grows to meet business needs

N-able Backup works to meet all your enterprise data backup needs—helping to keep sensitive data and business-critical information secure, encrypted, and protected.

N-able Backup is designed for ease of use, as it lets you choose how much you need to protect for each customer, including virtual or physical servers, workstations, or even just critical business documents.

N-able Backup provides automated encrypted cloud backups and self-service recovery, which allows your customers’ end users to recover the documents they need, when they need them. N-able Backup uses our proprietary TrueDelta technology, which runs byte-to-byte comparisons between backups to update only the information that’s been modified, giving you a lightning-fast enterprise data backup solution.

Enterprise Data Backups Made Simple and Robust

  • Help prevent data loss with encrypted cloud backups
  • Use a wide set of tools to keep your customers’ data secure and backed up
  • Keep nearly unlimited document backups across operating systems and devices