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N-able Backup was designed from day one for direct-to-cloud backup. It was purpose-built for the unique challenges of the cloud, with a more optimized architecture than traditional image-based backup products. In addition, our proprietary TrueDelta technology adds data compression, deduplication, and WAN optimization techniques for faster transfers.

The N-able fundamental architecture for full system backup is different from traditional image-based backup tools. Our approach processes data changes from inside the disk, helping dramatically reduce the incremental change rate compared to image-based backups.

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We also back up system state without capturing things you don’t need for full recovery, and custom filters and exclusions allow you to fine-tune it even more.

It all results in smaller, faster incremental backups, while maintaining the ability to deliver full-system recovery. This allows you to back up more frequently than is possible with image-based backups. Over time, this difference also lets you store many more restore points and archives using the same amount of data storage and network bandwidth.

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With N-able Backup, only your first backup is a complete copy of your data. For locations with limited network bandwidth, a self-service seeding option is available. Once the initial seeding is complete, only fast, lightweight, incremental backups are sent across the network. The process is further accelerated by our Backup Accelerator feature, which scans and tracks changes in the background, allowing backups to begin immediately at their scheduled time.

It all adds up to fast, efficient, cloud-first backups and rapid recoveries.

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While some vendors require you find and purchase your own cloud storage separately, N-able Backup includes cloud storage in your price, with more than 30 ISO-certified data centers worldwide. This helps eliminate finger-pointing if problems arise, and it simplifies your vendor management. One complete product, one support team at your service, and one vendor partner to support your data protection needs.

But cloud-first doesn’t have to mean cloud-only. You can use our LocalSpeedVault feature and an existing network share (or other hardware you may already have) to keep a second, local copy of your backups. This makes recovery even quicker; N-able Backup checks first to see if the data you need to restore is available locally—and only restores locally unavailable data from the cloud.

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N-able Backup offers:

  • Efficient, quick direct-to-cloud backup using TrueDelta technology that works at the byte level, from inside the disk, making incremental backups much smaller and faster than with traditional image-based backup
  • End-to-end data encryption for your backups using AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest
  • Better resource usage: The N-able architecture allows you to keep more restore points and archived data, using a fraction of the data storage and network bandwidth required by traditional image-based backup products
  • More frequent backups: With smaller, faster incremental backups, you can back up data more frequently, helping you meet or exceed your recovery point objectives (RPOs)
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Backup accelerator provides:

  • Enhanced performance: Backup accelerator scans for changes in the background, decreasing backup times for large files compared to regular file-level backups of the same data
  • Large file support: N-able Backup keeps track of changes to selected files 5 GB or larger in size, in order to reduce the time it takes to back up changes to databases in SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint, as well as changes to Outlook PST files, Outlook OST Files, and Hyper-V virtual machines.

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