SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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RMM new device installation

Provide robust support with an intuitive remote IT support solution

When it comes to remote IT support, MSPs need to be ready for anything. A common task MSPs must handle is remote software installation. N-able RMM allows MSPs to cost effectively install software remotely for their customers.

N-able RMM enables you to install software remotely for Windows 10, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. Its drag-and-drop file transfer functionality makes remote installation quick and easy. Remotely upload files and scripts to customer systems without causing downtime.

System information and additional remote support features are available from a centralized, intuitive dashboard. N-able RMM was built to fit into technicians’ workflows, allowing IT professionals to take remote IT support to the next level.

RMM monitoring dashboard

Enhance security with a remote software installation tool built for secure remote access

To install software remotely, MSPs often use remote desktop protocol (RDP) to establish a connection. Unfortunately, this can sometimes leave a listening port open on the target machine. Hackers can exploit this and gain access to business-critical operations. To avoid this, MSPs need RMM software that is built specifically with security in mind.

Security is embedded in N-able RMM, from the procedures to establish secure connections for remote support to advanced encryption for data transfers. It also integrates with N-able Passportal, a password management tool that safeguards credentials and makes it even harder for unauthorized users to access customer information.

MSPs can set the remote support features in N-able RMM to automatically delete sensitive data and configuration information after each session, and to expire when idle. To further increase security, technicians can be assigned to designated worksites and permissions can be set up to control access.

remote access to windows

Maximize productivity with crystal-clear visibility into devices

Many remote software installation tools on the market are not built to handle the high-resolution monitors or multi-monitor setups that are often used in today’s modern businesses. Without clear visibility into devices and easy access to the required technical information, MSPs cannot do their jobs effectively—especially when it comes to remote IT support.

The remote access feature within N-able RMM is designed to provide high-resolution support for modern monitors with 4K+ resolution, as well as smaller mobile screens—all with crystal clear 24-bit true color. This helps IT professionals remotely install software more efficiently, increase quality of service, and strengthen customer relationships.

RMM remote monitoring mixed devices

Fix issues quickly and effectively, even from a distance

Troubleshooting is a huge part of any MSP technician’s job. However, as business scales and you acquire more customers across the globe, installing software remotely and fixing problems that might arise can become challenging. The remote control features in N-able RMM enable one-click access to any endpoint under management, so you can focus on resolving customer issues as quickly as possible.

The remote support features in N-able RMM give your technicians device details and system information, presenting data at a glance to speed up problem solving. It also stores full session recordings, reports, and chat transcripts. This historical data and context can be used to identify solutions that have worked previously and help technicians learn from past troubleshooting efforts.

You can also troubleshoot by command line from within the platform, using either PowerShell or bash.

RMM patch management

Maintain software in environments after installation

Remote software installation is not a one-time operation. Keeping your customers safe requires continuous attention, and software needs to be kept up to date to avoid vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. After installation, MSPs need powerful patch management capabilities to roll out the latest patches and maintain the software that has been installed.

With the patch management solution included in N-able RMM, you gain access to a single web console that offers you complete control. With the option of manual or automated patch approvals and the ability to set scheduled patching windows to update software in the background, you can ensure patch management is convenient for both your technicians and your customers.

Robust reporting features offer visibility into patch statuses so you can resolve any issues with software maintenance. N-able RMM makes it easy not only to install software remotely, but also to maintain and optimize it with ease.

Install software remotely with an enterprise-grade IT solution

  • Help keep your customers’ data safe with multiple security features
  • Troubleshoot quickly and effectively while working remotely
  • Gain crystal-clear visibility into your customers’ environments