SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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Provide better RPOs for your customers with managed backup and recovery

Your managed recovery services are only as good as your most recent backup, but traditional image-level backups might limit you to daily snapshots. For many of today’s businesses, that’s not an acceptable recovery point objective (RPO).

N-able® Backup features an efficient cloud-first architecture that allows you to back up much more frequently, so your customers won’t lose a full day’s work in the event of a device failure or cyberattack. From bare-metal restores to file-level recovery to virtual recovery, Backup offers you various recovery options so you can choose the one that best suits your customers’ needs at any given time.

With multi-platform support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS X, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V—as well as application backup for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Exchange, and SharePoint—your customers will be completely covered. N-able Backup allows you to meet more stringent RPOs by backing up more frequently, helping you keep your customers secure and productive.

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Reduce downtime and shorten recovery times with cloud-first managed backup

MSPs need fast managed backup services in order to reduce customer downtime and meet their recovery time objectives (RTOs). N-able Backup is designed for speed, providing efficient, direct-to-cloud backup thanks to TrueDelta technology. This feature works at the byte level from inside the disk to make incremental backups smaller and faster to execute. In addition, the Backup Accelerator feature scans for changes in the background, further decreasing backup and recovery times for large files.

It’s also important to remember that cloud-first doesn’t mean cloud-only. You can use the LocalSpeedVault feature and an existing network share to keep a second local-only backup on hand for easy access and fast recovery.

N-able Backup list of features

Maximize your staff’s time and effort with streamlined workflows

As an MSP, hiring qualified technicians is probably your biggest expense. Your skilled technicians should spend less time each week on the routine work of managing and maintaining multiple backups, and instead spend more time on value-added services that will keep customers happy and improve the quality of services offered.

N-able Backup is a simple, streamlined managed backup solution that can help free up more of your technicians’ time. With this tool, you can perform backups for multiple devices and data types from a centralized dashboard and see the status or errors for your customers and protected data sources at a glance. No more wasting hours every week logging in and out of multiple backup products and endlessly scrolling through error logs to solve problems.

N-able Backup is a hosted SaaS application, so we also take care of automatic updates and cloud storage management, meaning you’re free to focus on your customers. Save time and help improve your team’s job satisfaction with an efficient managed backup tool.

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Get more performance for less cost with cloud-first managed backup

Savvy MSPs are shifting their managed backup services to the cloud, and for good reason. Many managed backup and recovery solutions require you to purchase expensive proprietary appliances upfront, while others leave you on your own to figure out how to store backups securely offsite.

With N-able Backup, you can leverage a resource-efficient, cloud-first architecture that makes the most of the data storage and network bandwidth you have. No additional hardware is required, deployment is simple, and private cloud storage is included in your price. The hosted, multi-tenant management console also makes it easier for you to offer managed backup services for multiple customers and their numerous data sources, helping you scale as you grow.

Offer customers trusted backup and recovery with managed backup services

  • Provide optimal RPO and RTO for your customers with managed backup and recovery services
  • Use managed backup services to save your technicians time with intuitive workflows
  • Offer high-quality service for less with no upfront hardware investments