Mail Assure endpoint email security

Offer managed email protection as an essential part of a strong security foundation for customers

MSP customers expect their service provider to meet their basic IT security expectations, and managed email protection is an essential part of a strong security foundation. The secure email gateway offered by N-able® Mail Assure is built for that foundation. The tool’s Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine draws on data from 23 million inboxes to help protect your customers from both known and emerging threats.

Mail Assure is designed to be quick to deploy and configure, allowing you to simply add your customers’ domains and start managing and protecting their email services right away. The intuitive web interface also makes it easy for both your technicians and customers to access their email services and tools whenever they need them.

Provide email continuity to help keep customers productive, even during an outage

Email outages and the resulting downtime can cost businesses huge amounts of money in lost business, reduced productivity, and damaged reputation. A great way to provide high value to your customers is to offer email continuity that allows them to access their inboxes 24/7, even in the event of an outage.

Mail Assure does that by enabling your customers to maintain reliable access to their email through a web-based console. This minimizes the risk of your clients missing important notifications during outages and helps keep them productive.

Not only that, Mail Assure also gives you the option to incorporate additional redundancy into the mail delivery process, which can help ensure that outgoing messages are delivered during outages as well. Mail Assure will also continue attempting to deliver emails and retain outbox messages for outages of up to two weeks.

Minimize data loss with a long-term email archiving service

In our modern environments, threats aren’t always external. Whether it’s accidental or malicious, the deletion of company emails can be harmful. MSPs that offer their customers advanced protection to prevent data loss can rise above the competition.

Managed email services can help your customers facilitate storage and retrieval more efficiently than they could on their own. Mail Assure gives you control over email retention periods, allowing you to customize your services to meet the specific needs and requirements of your individual customers. The tool does this all while compressing storage for incoming and outgoing messages, which can help to reduce your data usage and operating costs.

Mail Assure is also designed to ease the migration to managed email security services, allowing you to import email archive data from your customers’ current solutions and infrastructure and retain it in a standardized, indexed format that enables easy searches.

Mail Assure email archiving solutions

Support Microsoft 365 with integrations that offer additional protection

Many MSP customers may already be using Microsoft 365 for their email services and will wonder what you can offer that Microsoft can’t. However, solely relying on Microsoft native security can leave companies vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and data loss.

The email security tools built into Mail Assure include a Microsoft 365 sync onboarding wizard that provides a seamless integrated experience for Microsoft 365 users. Most importantly, it further hardens your customer’s systems against email-borne malware, viruses, spear phishing attempts, and other threats. Ultimately, it adds to the current end user experience while keeping everything simple and straightforward for your customers.

Protect your customers with managed email services

  • Maximize security and business continuity with a robust and intuitive secure email gateway
  • Retain emails for as long as each customer requires
  • Extend services to Microsoft 365 users with seamless integration