SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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Mobile devices - remote management

Provide outstanding IT management from anywhere

The free to download and use mobile app for Android and iOS devices makes it easy for N-able N-central® users to manage issues and devices right from their phone.


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Save time by monitoring wherever, whenever

Download the free app and sync it up to your N-able N-central instance to monitor and manage your customers’ IT from anywhere. Solve problems on-the-go without needing to boot up your laptop or return to the office.



Automation policies

  • AV defender quick scan
  • AV defender full scan
  • Create restore point
  • Delete temporary files
  • Empty recycle bin
  • Disk cleanup
  • Enable DHCP
  • Renew DHCP
  • Flush DNS
  • Log off user
  • Restart system
  • Shutdown System
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Mobile device management

  • Send messages
  • Update asset information
  • Mark as lost
  • Lock the device
  • Reset passwords
  • Erase the device
Backup - data protection

Backup operations

  • Full backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Verify backup

N-able N-central mobile lets you

Address issues quickly

Check statuses and receive notifications when issues arise so you can fix them fast. You can even add notes to individual devices to make issues easier to solve in the future

Stay on top of everything

View device information, network statuses, script and process statuses, and software push statuses all from your smartphone

Run automated processes

Start antivirus scans, delete temporary files, run disk cleanup, and more from your phone. You can even run backup and check backup statuses.

Connect directly to devices

Conveniently connect to any device under management using our mobile version of remote control. This allows you to easily solve problems quickly, then get back to your day.

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