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N-able Backup for MSPs

As an MSP, how will you respond when you receive a phone call from one of your clients about systems that have failed? No matter the cause — technology failure, natural disaster, user error or a malicious attack — MSPs need to offer backup solutions that are adaptable and predictive.

N-able Backup not only backs up your client’s data, but it can restore your client’s systems in minutes. Local backups, cloud-based redundancy, and hybrid cloud recovery guarantees business continuity, making MSP Backup & Recovery an essential component of your client’s layered security strategy.

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Data Backup and a Layered Security Strategy

Hackers often use multiple methods to penetrate a client’s network and data. If you are an MSP and need to deal with multi-pronged attacks on behalf of your clients, you must ensure that you can offer a layered approach to secure their networks and data. Using a layered approach prevents any weaknesses that exist in one layer from being exploited because another layer can deliver protection — including the ability to restore a client’s records and data very quickly.

For example, a virus that is not detected by a client’s antivirus software can then be stopped by a firewall application. Should the virus penetrate the client’s firewall, then an anti-malware application that runs on a laptop may be able to stop the virus from further exploits. If the anti-malware application fails to stop the virus, then an intrusion-prevention system may flag the anomalous behavior as suspicious or unexpected, and the virus is then automatically quarantined.

If all defenses fail and an attacker penetrates all layered defense perimeters, then a client’s systems need to be recovered quickly. It’s critical that secure backup and restore procedures are implemented and maintained in case of major hardware and software failures

Although several layers of preventive defenses protect your clients from many security threats, they can still be vulnerable to natural disasters and newly developed malware. All of these potential failures affect your client’s business continuity and, therefore, their bottom line.

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Cost of Downtime Due to Data Loss

What happens when systems or devices go down or are hacked? It disrupts your client’s business and results in:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of records and data
  • Damaged reputation

Recently the Sony Corporation became the victim of a devastating cyberattack. Personal employee information such as Social Security numbers and salaries were made public, as well as private emails. Business came to a standstill because the company was not able to restore their systems quickly.

If your client cannot restore their systems and devices, they certainly will suffer from financial losses. In addition, your client’s business relationships can be negatively affected. That’s why secure backups need to occur on a regular basis.

Older tape backup systems are slow and difficult to manage. Even disk-based backup and recovery programs are clunky, and both solutions fail if a natural disaster such as flooding, or earthquakes occurs. Nowadays, hybrid-cloud backups provide a fast and reliable way for MSPs to manage all their clients’ backups and ensure data protection.

MSP Backup & Recovery from N-able provides tools that protect data with hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery of files, folders, volumes, applications and servers, both virtual and physical.

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MSP Backup & Recovery: Fast and Reliable

N-able Backup helps protect and secure your client’s data in several ways:

  • Back up specific files, folders, applications and databases quickly. Changes are automatically tracked during regularly scheduled backups.
  • Back up data and systems without Internet access through our hybrid cloud backup system, which has a local repository and enables your clients to perform a local backup at any time.
  • Utilize virtual machine backups using both VMware and Hyper-V systems.
  • Use AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit or 448-bit Blowfish encryption both at rest and in transit. Only authorized personnel have access because of private key encryption with client-side only data access.
  • Protect sensitive client information in data centers that provide 24/7 physical security and a 99.9999% uptime guarantee. Each data center is SSAE or ISO certified.
  • Archive data in addition to backing up data. Customizing the default retention period enables your clients to keep data for a longer period of time to meet any regulatory standards by which they must comply.
  • Support file level recovery, as well as volumes and application data, such as OracleMySQL, SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint. In addition, recovery of data from systems with physical, physical-to-virtual (P2V), and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) environments are also supported.
  • Provide continuous disaster recovery by connecting to a virtual server. Standby images guarantee almost immediate restoration of data. In addition, a bare metal recovery option with a bootable USB drive is also available.
  • Reduce backup windows and create a permanent backup of static records so they can be excluded from all future backups. By identifying and excluding data that never changes, the amount of time that it takes to make a full backup can be reduced.
  • Use WAN optimization, deep deduplication and altered data tracking, which enables your clients to maximize the speed of access to critical applications and data and therefore speeds up backups and recoveries.
  • Generate reports that provide status about backups, storage use, selected data and completion of successful jobs.

Give customers peace of mind with N-able Backup

  • Deployed on millions of endpoints across hundreds of thousands of networks
  • 100% SaaS, fully cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform
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