N-central netpath agent

Gain visibility with powerful remote monitoring tools

To provide high-quality remote IT support to their customers, MSPs must have complete visibility into their managed networks. However, this can be challenging in diverse and highly virtualized environments with numerous endpoints.

N-able N-central® has the tools MSPs need to proactively manage and monitor complex networks using minimal manpower. From one unified console, you can efficiently monitor desktops, laptops, virtual machines, mobile devices, and more—no matter where they’re located. N-able N-central allows MSPs to monitor across a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and various versions of Linux.

The NetPath feature within N-able N-central also lets you check the performance of critical network paths even beyond your firewall, providing deep visibility of potential issues with 24/7 monitoring.

N-central patch status management

Maintain a healthy IT environment for your customers

To keep large, complex IT environments healthy, MSPs need access to tools that allow them to catch and resolve issues early. To do this, they need tools for remote monitoring and management that make it easy to maintain order.

With N-able N-central, near real-time alerts provide your team with updates on device availability, backup status, and performance. Defend against potential security threats using antivirus scanning, patch management, and endpoint detection and response. The tool also makes it easy to conduct regular performance checks to help ensure that customers’ hardware and software are healthy and running as expected.

By making it possible for you to keep an eye on all these moving parts with ease, N-able N-central helps ensure you always know what’s going on in your customers’ networks.

N-central mobile device management

Easily monitor mobile devices and keep up with a growing remote workforce

In recent years, remote monitoring has become more complex due to the addition of mobile devices—and the number of these devices only continues to grow as more companies implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

N-able N-central also includes mobile device management features. Easily keep track of your customers’ smartphones and tablets with built-in mobile device checks and monitoring.

MSPs can conveniently launch remote support on the go from their own smartphones with the N-able N-central mobile app for Android or iOS.

N-central automation policy

Prevent issues from growing larger with proactive maintenance

Successful remote monitoring requires MSPs to have good network visibility to identify any small issues that could cause problems in the future. From there, they need to carry out proactive maintenance to resolve these issues before they affect end users.

N-able N-central makes it easy for MSPs to identify potential issues and resolve them without disrupting end users—or schedule maintenance during off-peak hours to avoid customer downtime.

To help ensure this proactive maintenance is handled securely, N-able N-central also enables granular control of roles and permissions. This means you can grant specific users the appropriate permissions based on their roles within your MSP, so that you don’t have to worry about information or systems access falling into the wrong hands.

N-central monitoring tools device details

Streamline remote monitoring operations with automation capabilities

When it comes to remote monitoring for complex IT environments, a tool designed for MSPs with robust automation capabilities can make your technicians more efficient than ever.

To be effective, remote monitoring tasks need to be conducted regularly across workstations, servers, and sites. N-able N-central lets you standardize checks, rules, and tasks to make your technicians’ lives easier. Scripting tools allow MSPs to perform actions automatically across networks—and in bulk. This helps to save time, reduce human errors, and ensure consistency. Using automation to power remote monitoring can even make it easier to expand your business.

Automation with N-central doesn’t mean you need to learn a scripting language. For example, you can create custom monitoring services based in PowerShell with a drag-and-drop programming engine. In just a few clicks, you can create complex automation rules that suit your customers’ needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MSP platform?

What is an MSP platform?

As an MSP, you know the platform you use is essential to running your business. N-able MSP’s solutions not only allow you to remotely monitor your clients’ networks, servers, firewalls, and devices, but also provides you with features that will set your services apart from the rest.

According to TechTarget, an MSP platform is a “computing framework used to deliver network-based services, applications, and equipment to enterprises, residences, or other service providers.” N-able MSP’s platform is designed for MSPs. It allows you to:

Streamline your workflow. Our remote management solution features tools that will help you work more efficiently for your customers. Use active discovery to ensure that any new device on your clients’ networks can quickly be found and managed.

Alerting and viewing provides you with 360 views of your customers’ networks from a single dashboard so you can stop any problems as soon as they arise. Automated monitoring for Windows, Linux, or OS X helps you know exactly what is happening on your clients’ networks, and it can be customized to match your brand.

Empower your customers. N-able MSP’s platform also comes with our easy-to-use web protection feature that allows you to monitor, control, and enforce client web policies from a single dashboard. It also comes with managed antivirus, a powerful solution that protects your clients against malware and viruses, and managed online backup, a hybrid cloud backup & recovery solution.

Impress your customers. Stay ahead of the competition by working smarter with our remote management solution’s asset and inventory, tracking and reporting features. Asset and inventory tracking integrate with your remote management dashboard to help you see information about your clients’ software and hardware assets. And our automated reporting feature enables you to send your clients reports on bandwidth and performance, hardware and software inventories, fault history, and more.

Identify the client’s needs

Identify the client’s needs

The MSP should make sure to identify the client’s needs. This usually involves a tour of the facility and/or a conversation about the client’s challenges. The MSP will need to determine if the equipment is up-to-date or approaching the end of a life cycle. This is also a good time for an MSP to determine if the infrastructure of the building can meet the demands of new equipment. Most importantly, the information the client shares with the MSP needs to be clearly defined.

Keep in mind that clients may not be able to fully articulate their needs. Therefore, an MSP needs to use probing questions to ensure all issues are on the table. Understanding a client’s needs is the foundation for creating the managed IT services proposal.

Support more users

Support more users

MSPs can expand their businesses by supporting Mac and Linux users. While Windows is still the most popular operating system, some clients in specialized industries require Mac or Linux. Traditionally, separate ITSM platforms were required for the different operating systems. This not only wastes time, but it also costs more. These are certainly two things an MSP needs to avoid to remain profitable. N-able MSP provides full functionality for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This allows the MSP to provide services to more clients.

The N-able MSP ITSP platform is essential in creating a strong managed IT services proposal. Having all the tools on one convenient dashboard will make the job of preparing a managed IT services proposal much easier and faster. In addition, the security scanning and monitoring feature will allow you to provide additional services and create a new revenue stream.

Take remote monitoring to the next level with powerful MSP tools

  • Achieve a high level of visibility into customer environments
  • Stay on top of complex networks and monitor mobile devices with ease
  • Stop potential problems in their tracks with proactive maintenance