Backup status dashboard

Benefit from a multitenant backup tool designed for MSPs

There’s no reason for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to use separate tools for managing all their customer backups. N-able Backup is designed to help MSPs unite multitenant backup functions and workflow in one tool. You can use the single, easy-to-use dashboard to quickly access the insights and actions you need, across all your customers, multiple device types, and data sources.

The N-able dashboard is designed to display the status of all customer backups across servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 — so you can easily identify issues that require your intervention. In addition, you can set custom alerts to quickly inform you of problems.

If disaster strikes, you can use the platform to choose between multiple recovery methods, so you always have the solution that’s right for a particular situation. The platform also allows privileged users to perform some recovery tasks, so customers can take the steps they need without requiring your input.

Backup security management

Keep multitenant architectures safely backed up to the cloud

N-able Backup is designed to provide multitenant cloud backup where data is kept safe and secure.

Multitenancy is a key feature of data protection built for managed service providers. Rather than requiring MSPs to log into and out of multiple backup product instances, it allows them to view and manage backups across multiple customers and data sources. This improves operational efficiency, reducing the amount of time spent each week on mundane administrative tasks.

With this benefit comes the requirement to carefully handle access security, and N-able provides varying levels of user roles to help ensure that required access is balanced with appropriate security. In addition, N-able Backup uses AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption in tandem with regional data storage to help ensure security in transit and at rest.

Backup storage and server charts

Centralize backup management with one simple web-based console

As your customers’ business needs grow and expand over time, they will need flexible backup solutions in order to keep their sensitive data secure and accessible. The advantage of N-able Backup is that it simplifies data protection by removing the need for separate server, workstation, and Microsoft 365 backup solutions with one centralized, easy-to-use online dashboard.

N-able Backup allows you to see the status of current backups from multiple locations and across a variety of device types—from workstations and documents to virtual and physical servers and Microsoft 365. What’s more, you can easily drill down to the root cause of potential issues. Automatic scheduled backups are stored in our worldwide private cloud, which means you can rest easy knowing your customers’ data is protected, while still easy to access.

Backup restore schedule

Reduce restore time with rapid multitenant recovery management

N-able Backup is a backup solution that provides an efficient and painless experience for MSPs. Not only does the cloud-based approach cut down on the cost of hardware maintenance, N-able Backup was specifically designed to handle multitenant environments, where numerous different customers and data sources can be managed from a single dashboard.

This efficiency becomes especially valuable at recovery time, when the ability to perform recoveries in one place, using consistent methods, can minimize client disruptions. It can also reduce the human error that can come with using multiple different backup products to perform the same tasks.

N-able Backup’s bare-metal recovery capabilities allow you to rapidly rebuild systems from scratch using the encrypted backups stored in our worldwide datacenters. Regular database backups help guarantee your ability to get customers back on their feet as quickly as possible should an unexpected disaster or system failure occur.

Backup recovery console add device

Streamline the data recovery process

Sometimes, the worst happens—and rather than panic, it’s better for MSPs to be prepared. N-able Backup provides multiple disaster recovery solutions to anticipate your customers’ needs. The platform is designed to protect physical and virtual servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365, and restore them more quickly thanks to features like LocalSpeedVault, Backup Accelerator, and smart compression. N-able Backup offers virtual disaster recovery and even helps reduce recovery costs by letting you restore backups to virtual machines of your choosing.

Keep customer data secure with multitenant backup

  • Use one centralized dashboard to gain broad yet detailed visibility
  • Leverage rapid data transfers designed to guarantee minimal data loss
  • Choose disaster recovery solutions that help keep data protected