N-Central Monitoring Topology

Map your customers’ network configuration with ease and monitor from a centralized dashboard

When you enter a new customer relationship, you want to first understand their network topology. Each asset on the network—whether it’s a mobile device, a desktop, or a virtual server—must be on your radar and included in your network topology diagram.

Network topology mapping with N-able N-central® can help you automatically inventory a network and ensure you have a complete understanding of your customers’ devices and their connections. With an automatically generated network topology map, there’s no need to create labor-intensive inventory spreadsheets. The next time you onboard a customer, skip the manual inventory process. Discover their entire network with ease and create detailed topology maps to summarize connections and network layout.

N-Central monitoring schedule

Schedule recurring scans to create network topology diagrams that are up to date

With scheduled network scans, N-able N-central helps ensure that your network topology diagram matches the current state of your customers’ networks. From a central dashboard, you can set the system up to automatically create and update a visual representation of a network at a custom interval.

Using an automated network diagram tool means you can minimize the risk of overlooking any additions or modifications to your customers’ network. Items that have changed, such as new devices, will be reflected automatically. Having an accurate network topology map helps you improve troubleshooting, saving valuable time and resources.

N-Central topology troubleshoot overview

Troubleshoot efficiently with visibility into network configuration and performance

As an MSP, you need to be able to quickly determine the source of any network performance issues your customers may experience. That’s why N-able N-central includes a range of features that help you get to the root cause of the problem quickly and accurately.

An accurate visual network topology map can help you pinpoint issues from a single glance. Faster troubleshooting means less downtime for your customers and lower customer churn.

N-Central monitoring topology - expanded view

Track modifications to your customers’ network configuration with ease from a centralized dashboard

Network troubleshooting requires MSPs to know both what devices are on a network and how they all connect together. When relationships between the devices in your customers’ networks change, your network topology diagram needs to keep up. This can be time-consuming without an automated network diagram builder.

With N-able N-central, the auto-detect network scans will incorporate new items and routing details. This means the network topology map is always up to date and won’t require any manual tracking on your part. In addition, N-central will automatically apply the appropriate service templates to any new device per the policies you have established using rules and filters.

N-able N-central

Network diagram software to build and keep topology maps up-to-date

  • Automated device discovery and network scans on a customizable schedule
  • Up-to-date visibility into network configuration and inventory
  • Efficient troubleshooting with a visual network representation