SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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N-central network path status

Monitor network traffic by device and help ensure more complete coverage

Monitoring network devices like routers and switches is essential for MSPs to efficiently deliver quality service. If you can’t monitor network devices, you limit your ability to handle IT issues as quickly and effectively as possible. This is especially true when dealing with large or widespread networks.

N-able N-central® lets you monitor network devices from the same unified console you use to monitor workstations and servers. By consolidating all of your monitoring capabilities in one place, you can troubleshoot more quickly and prevent things from falling through the cracks.

This network monitoring software helps MSPs monitor nearly everything on customer networks, from firewalls and routers to uninterruptible power supplies. The high level of visibility in N-central helps ensure you always know what’s going on in your managed networks.

N-central network latency

Troubleshoot and resolve network issues quickly to minimize customer downtime

Troubleshooting in a complex, diverse environment can be challenging. Are performance issues being caused by a router, a server, an application, a user, or something else entirely? Without network monitoring software, it can be hard to tell.

Monitoring network devices with N-able N-central helps you identify issues within your customers’ networks much faster. This tool provides you with relevant metrics about customer devices, plus additional information you need to focus on any issues and start troubleshooting.

MSPs can demonstrate their value to customers by minimizing downtime caused by network device performance issues. When you can monitor network devices, workstations, servers, mobile devices, and more from one unified console, you can prevent or fix network issues in record time. Fast, high-quality IT support empowered by N-able N-central will help keep your customers productive and happy.

N-central router monitoring

Help reduce operating costs by monitoring hardware performance

Monitoring network devices isn’t just about troubleshooting and making sure performance issues don’t affect end-user experience. Network monitoring software can also help MSPs keep an eye on hardware expenses and manage operating costs effectively.

N-able N-central helps you dig deeper into hardware performance by automatically running SNMP checks for factors like fan status, temperature, power supply, and ink/toner levels. These checks also offer in-depth monitoring for hardware health, performance, and utilization.

When you can monitor network devices, their statuses, and their utilization at a glance, you can make smarter financial decisions. Network monitoring software not only helps avoid performance issues but can also save you money by helping you buy the right number of devices as needed.

N-central automation policy builder

Use automation to save time and perform proactive maintenance

For MSPs, providing a high quality of service to customers is equal parts reactive troubleshooting and proactive maintenance.

Being able to resolve issues before they impact network performance begins with the monitoring of network devices. To make this even more effective, this process can be enhanced by automation. The N-able N-central software comes equipped with features that allow you to automate the most labor-intensive and time-consuming aspects of network device management.

With N-able N-central, MSPs can easily apply patches and configurations to the devices within customers’ networks, helping to ensure that out-of-date software doesn’t slow down business-critical operations.

In addition, automatic antivirus scans warn you of potential security threats, and the robust alerting system sends notifications about device availability, performance, and other metrics. These features help you keep your customers’ environments healthy day-to-day.

Easily manage and monitor your network devices

  • Achieve greater visibility into your managed networks
  • Troubleshoot efficiently to minimize network downtime
  • Use automation to perform proactive network maintenance