N-Central monitoring topology - expanded view

Visualize your full network with a solution for network visibility

When customers reach out with IT issues, an MSP’s job is to quickly identify the root cause of the problem so that they can remediate the issue. To do this efficiently, network visibility is critical. A network topology map provides a detailed and intuitive visual representation of your network and its connections.

With N-able N-central® network topology mapping, you can be confident that you have the most up-to-date visual representation of your network. With its auto-detect feature, the platform uses scheduled network scanning to automatically identify changes to the network and the addition of any devices, and then update the topology map accordingly. When MSPs can see exactly how the network is laid out and connected, they can better onboard new devices, check inventory, investigate network issues, and conduct in-depth network assessments.

N-central network latency

Understand critical network paths with deep visibility across the entire delivery chain

In addition to network topology mapping, full network visibility requires understanding network paths and performance beyond the firewall. N-able N-central comes with NetPath, an enhanced network monitoring feature that creates a visual representation of the network paths—regardless of their locations (even outside the customer’s own network), or whether you’re dealing with the cloud or a hybrid IT environment.

It also provides response times and other performance measures of the connectivity between the source and destination nodes, so MSPs can monitor traffic across the full network path and track where the slowdown in a network occurs. This level of enterprise network visibility helps MSPs identify and fix the source of slowdowns quickly and easily.

N-central network path history

See both current and historical data with 24/7 monitoring and a clear path history

Comprehensive SMB or enterprise network visibility means being able to see both near real-time and historical data. NetPath, which is integrated into N-able N-central, provides MSPs with valuable insights via 24/7 monitoring that lets you gain visibility into network latency and track every hop—both past and current.

NetPath monitors the network at 10-minute intervals, so you have consistent access to near real-time information. This data helps MSPs troubleshoot network performance issues.

RMM network path diagram

Proactively troubleshoot problems before they affect end users with network visibility tools and alerts

One of the key reasons that network visibility is so important is because it helps MSPs keep their customers’ networks running optimally, with minimal downtime. With full network visibility through network topology maps and network path visualizations in N-able N-central, MSPs can rapidly spot problems and uncover their root causes—sometimes even before end users have felt their impact. Targeted troubleshooting and fast identification of outages means faster problem resolution and less customer downtime.

Plus, the alerting capabilities in N-able N-central mean MSPs will be notified as soon as a threshold for latency or packet loss is crossed—which means they don’t need to constantly keep track of the network path.

Network visibility solution to help you maintain performance

  • Auto-detection helps ensure an accurate network topology map
  • Complete current and historical data into critical network paths
  • 24/7 monitoring and intelligent alerting for proactive troubleshooting