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Reduce downtime and enhance business productivity by using server backup solutions

Your customers need access to critical files and folders to stay productive and meet deadlines. But what happens when data is lost or becomes corrupted? Without a robust server backup solution in place, recovery may be delayed, and your customers may suffer subpar business outcomes.

N-able Backup provides managed service providers (MSPs) with multiple ways to quickly recover data stored on servers, workstations, applications, and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). For instance, you can use N-able offsite backup software to restore files or folders, or to conduct a full bare-metal recovery to physical or virtual environments. The platform also offers continuous recovery through a standby virtual server for the fastest possible recovery of critical machines and data.

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Implement offsite backup software with encryption to help keep data safe and secure in transit and at rest

Equally as important as backing up your data is storing backups in a safe location. On-premises backup hardware can be vulnerable to physical damage. And without proper security measures, service providers risk exposing their customers’ sensitive information to cyberattackers waiting to strike. Fortunately, encrypted offsite backup has emerged to help IT professionals keep their customers’ data out of harm’s way.

N-able Backup takes a multi-pronged approach to data storage security. Thanks to end-to-end encryption methods, including AES 256-bit encryption, data is encrypted during transit and when it’s at rest. Once data reaches its destination, security remains a top priority. N-able remote data centers are designed to meet compliance regulations by offering top-level security, reliability, and availability. In addition, MSPs can use N-able Backup to create their own private encryption key or have one generated during the deployment process.

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Efficiently manage workstation backups and spend less time on routine tasks

When it comes to offsite backup software, efficiency is key. Service providers managing multiple customer accounts can’t visit offices or waste time on manual, repetitive processes. They need a centralized dashboard that allows them to manage backups from any location.

With N-able sophisticated, multi-tenant cloud backup solution, MSPs can schedule backups and recover data for physical and virtual servers, workstations, documents, and Microsoft 365 — all via one integrated console. N-able Backup even allows IT professionals to automate backup deployment based on device profiles, further simplifying the backup management process.

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Reduce hardware hassles and help cut costs with a cloud-first backup solution

Managing backup appliances can be expensive and time-consuming. In addition to the upfront cost, they require ongoing capacity upgrades, repairs, routine maintenance, and periodic firmware and software updates. All of these costs can quickly cut into an IT budget.

Offsite backup software alleviates these hassles for MSPs and their teams. N-able Backup includes a web-based management console that can be accessed from nearly any location, at any time of day. All backups are sent directly to N-able private cloud — no expensive local appliance is required. An optional local copy can be kept using the storage medium of your choice. N-able Backup was built for the cloud and designed for rapid data transfer over a WAN. That means you can gain speed and efficiency without the extra charges commonly seen from traditional backup providers with cloud “add-ons.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is offsite data backup?

What is offsite data backup?

Offsite data backup is the process of backing up critical business data from servers, workstations, applications, and Microsoft 365 to a storage location in the cloud.

Traditionally, many IT professionals have used on-premises hardware to store backups of sensitive data. However, this requires a business to have staff in place to manage those backups, and it can leave backups vulnerable to physical damage. In addition, it requires investing time and money in buying and maintaining hardware.

The alternative to on-premises backups is offsite data backup, where past and current versions of data are stored in the cloud, allowing for access from any location. With an offsite backup solution, managed service providers can remotely maintain offsite data backups for their customers. If on-premises data is lost or corrupted, an MSP can help their customers quickly restore data from the backup, in order to minimize the impact on business productivity.

How does offsite backup software work?

How does offsite backup software work?

Offsite backup software works with existing IT environments to identify and prioritize files for backup. The software can protect physical and virtual servers, workstations, business documents, and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). These files are then transferred to cloud data centers for safekeeping. Multiple restore points, including long-term archiving, can be retained for recovery as needed.

However, if there is an issue with company data it may need to be recovered from the backup. Offsite backup software, complemented by an optional local copy, allows for fast recovery of the needed data from the nearest possible location. Options include file- or folder-level restore, bare-metal recovery, and physical-to-virtual recovery. If the worst happens, a business can rest assured knowing the information they need to operate can be quickly restored.

What are the benefits of offsite backup software for MSPs?

What are the benefits of offsite backup software for MSPs?

Managing data storage and security for multiple customers can be a complicated task for even the most talented MSP. Multitenant offsite backup software can offer specific, concrete benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: Backup software designed for offsite data storage sends only a fraction of protected data in any backup, thanks to data compression, deduplication, and WAN optimization techniques.
  • Centralized overview: A robust cloud-based backup solution can offer a single overview of backups for multiple customers. MSPs can use a unified, web-based console to check backup status, perform troubleshooting, and schedule backup jobs, whether for servers, workstations, or Microsoft 365.
  • Secure data: Your customers will want to know that an offsite solution doesn’t expose their data to risk. Your own reputation is on the line if a hack does occur. The right offsite backup software will offer end-to-end encryption, ISO-certified data centers, and other compliance-based security measures.

Streamline data storage with offsite backup software

  • Gain anytime access to critical data if a security breach occurs
  • Consolidate backup management into a single, intuitive console for easier data protection
  • Demonstrate compliance with encrypted offsite backup that complies with industry standards