Backup oracle database

Use Oracle database backups to help ensure high-integrity data protection

Across a range of industries, Oracle databases are trusted for their reliability, performance, and ability to store information at high levels of data integrity with minimal corruption or data loss. Many organizations rely on them for important applications that need to access and update sensitive data and critical business information.

That’s why Oracle database backups are essential, especially for MSPs working on behalf of their customers. N-able Backup is designed to simplify how you take care of your customers’ database backups. A comprehensive set of tools provides visibility into the status of backups, both active and archived,  stored in our private cloud using AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Backup data sources

Streamline the Oracle backup and recovery process

While it’s possible to run backups for Oracle databases using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), using different management systems to back up different elements can slow you down and reduce efficiency.

Don’t make concessions when it comes to speed, security, and reliability. N-able Backup provides a unified solution for offering your customers the Oracle backups they need while also managing backups for servers, workstations, and documents from the same time-saving dashboard.

You can also save time when recovering Oracle data for customers. Our proprietary TrueDelta technology uses block-level deduplication and compression, minimizing the amount of data transferred from cloud storage at recovery time.

Backup status dashboard

Manage Oracle backups alongside server, workstation, and Microsoft 365 backups

N-able Backup provides secure data protection for a range of platforms, devices, and applications, including:

  • Oracle database backups
  • Linux server backups
  • Cloud backups for SaaS applications like Microsoft 365

Designed for data recovery, N-able Backup for Microsoft 365 provides data protection for ExchangeOneDrive and SharePoint—all of which can be accessed through the same web console you use to manage your customers’ other backups. Optimize your backup management with N-able Backup’s easy-to-navigate one-click drill down reports and status views.

N-able Backup also allows MSPs to create a routine backup schedule, meaning you can rest easier knowing your backups for customer data run as scheduled.

Give customers peace of mind with Oracle database backups

  • Maintain regular business operations by protecting important Oracle databases
  • Maintain data integrity with one robust backup solution that spans devices and platforms
  • Manage Oracle backups alongside server, workstation, and Microsoft 365 backups