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Improve protection for clients

Passwords can be one of the most secure and efficient methods of authentication, but they still need to be properly managed to keep security risks to a minimum.

N-able Passportal software is built specifically for MSPs and IT service providers, designed to help prevent security threats and to help reduce mishandled credentials. Seamless change automation, 256-bit AES encryption, and many other features offer improved security for each of your clients while boosting your operational efficiency.

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Implement cloud-based solutions for your authentication processes

Passportal was built to embrace the benefits of cloud-based password management, providing your team efficient cross-platform solutions designed to make jobs easier—without sacrificing security.

Passportal includes encrypted storage designed to help reduce support load and make it simpler to securely share credentials, while retaining granular control over account-specific and device-specific permissions. Fully integrated documentation management solutions with customizable templates make Passportal a comprehensive, all-in-one platform for keeping your clients’ digital identities of more secure.

Reduce the risk associated with unauthorized access from ex-employees

When employees leave, it’s critical that their login credentials and access privileges are timely revoked. This not only helps eliminate opportunities for fraud and mishandling logins but can also help prevent credential stuffing attacks and other security threats in the future.

One of the advantages of centralizing access control solution is that you’re able to make changes more efficiently across client systems. Passportal is built with this functionality in mind—as soon as any employee leaves, their privileges can be removed, and necessary changes can be deployed across systems with just a few clicks.

Enable granular access within your organization

Privileged access management can get complicated quickly without the proper tools. Passportal makes it simple to manage and apply user permissions on a large or small scale. From a single interface, you can apply granular, role-specific permissions and data access assignments across your clients, their assets, documentation, account logins, and more.

Passportal software also is built with the working technician in mind. You can apply broad changes, but you can also easily grant temporary access, as needed, to help your team resolve issues quickly.

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Enforce strong authentication policies

Improving your customers’ password hygiene is a key part of maintaining best practices. That’s why Passportal offers useful client password management features like automatic rotation and the ability to auto-generate complex passwords, which can help ensure critical accounts are proactively protected against threat actors, and privileged credentials don’t go stale.

Passportal also automatically detects new Active Directory accounts and other credential updates, which helps detect subtle changes, while creating a more seamless and efficient management experience.

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Automate resets to increase efficiency and security

Every second counts when critical services and privileged credentials are on the line. Now you can offer customers the flexibility they need to act quickly. N-able Passportal Blink is an end user self-service mobile application designed to allow easy password reset for Windows, Active Directory, Azure AD, and Microsoft 365—any time day or night—without having to contact you.

Rebrand your platform to expand your revenue streams

Passportal Site is a sell-through solution—meaning the dashboard and branding are customizable to match your company’s logo and colors. This helps create a seamless brand experience for your customer base while giving them tools to store their personal and professional credentials safely, and share pre-approved authentication options between colleagues, as needed. Reinforcing your presence and expertise in co-managed environments helps to build brand loyalty and partnership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Passportal software sync with Active Directory?

Can Passportal software sync with Active Directory?

We offer Passportal integrations for many RMM tools, PSA products, and other applications—including domain management systems like Active Directory (AD). Passportal includes a Windows Agent that allows your team to sync and manage your Active Directory credentials within Passportal, enable automatic password rotation, auto restart updates services, as well as other options.

Who is responsible for your clients’ password hygiene?

Who is responsible for your clients’ password hygiene?

Unfortunately, no one can assume that users are knowledgeable or motivated to follow best practices for credential security. As an MSP, it’s important to be proactive in minimizing security risks for your clients, whenever possible.

With the right tools, MSPs, enterprise service providers, and other IT organizations can take the lead in protecting customers against breaches and supporting the ongoing security and success of their businesses. You can create and enforce a system that follows best practices, at each granular level, to encourage specific hygiene standards to better protect your clients’ operations. In many cases, you can make specific actions mandatory for end users to bolster compliance.

Does Passportal integrate with ConnectWise?

Does Passportal integrate with ConnectWise?

Remote access sessions can be highly beneficial in the hands of the right technician, but they are, by nature, intrusive. Security and encryption are critical to preventing remote support sessions from becoming attack vectors for opportunistic hackers.

Passportal software’s integration with ConnectWise Control incorporates safe password protection directly into your remote sessions and allows documentation of session details. This enables you to safely authenticate remotely and resolve issues quickly—all without sacrificing security.

What are the advantages of RMM solutions integrated with password management?

What are the advantages of RMM solutions integrated with password management?

The benefits of RMM solutions integrated with password management include:

  • Improved cyberhygiene: A cloud-based system like Passportal offers encryption in vaults that your technicians can easily access and share, as needed. You can also configure automatic resets and auto-generated complex passwords.
  • Cost savings: Integrations are typically more affordable than purchasing additional products. All-in-one solutions tend to require less configuring and management over time and can help reduce the standalone tools you’re responsible for purchasing, deploying, and managing.

More efficient operations: All-in-one RMM solutions not only streamline the training and onboarding processes, but they also make it simpler for technicians to sync end user devices within the tools.

What are the risks of managing passwords manually?

What are the risks of managing passwords manually?

Manual management is not advised for many reasons. For example, the process can quickly become inefficient and time-consuming to the point of impracticality when working with larger organizations and enterprise companies. Outdated methods—such as storing information in spreadsheets and text files—not only pose significant security risks internally but also provide hackers with attractive attack routes.

N-able Passportal

Efficient password management

  • Get industry level encryption and automated credential hygiene
  • Choose a unified solution for authentication and IT documentation
  • Try RMM and PSA integrations for holistic management of your business