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Automatically test, verify, and report

N-able Backup recovery testing offers regular automated disaster recovery testing for your most critical servers. Save time and gain peace of mind with emailed reports featuring screenshot verification that your system state, file, and folder backups are recoverable—and ready when you need them.

Backup active servers

We all know backups should be regularly tested to ensure recoverability, but too often, we lack the time and resources to keep up. With N-able Backup recovery testing, the disaster recovery testing process is fully automated and occurs on a regular schedule.

Recovery testing is ideal for managed services providers that want greater assurance (and documentation) that critical customer device backups are fully recoverable—without consuming the time and resources required to perform manual recovery testing.

A test VM is spun up in a cloud environment provided by N-able, before the most recent backup is restored, and the VM is booted up. A screenshot is taken to verify successful recovery, and the VM is immediately deleted.

Screenshots and recovery details can be viewed any time from the Recovery Testing dashboard, and they can be automatically sent as emailed reports to customers or other stakeholders.

Test, verify, and report on disaster recovery testing with N-able Backup.

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Automation, Verification, Insight and Documentation

Automation: Testing your server backups is simple and easy. Enroll servers in the test plan once, and tests will automatically occur as scheduled.

Verification: A screenshot of the restored backup VM verifies its successful recovery and provides a record of when it was tested.

Insight: Gain a sense of how long a specific server recovery may take in a real disaster recovery scenario.

Documentation: Include test recovery results in your reports to customers, documenting and demonstrating your disaster readiness.

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