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Provide rapid remote support and quickly remote into Mac devices

In the past, MSPs have largely focused their services on Windows because that’s what most of their customers used. However, trends have shifted, and many modern companies now use both macOS and Windows devices. An MSP’s ability to support both operating systems will be a deciding factor for many customers.

N-able Take Control is a remote access solution that offers cross-platform support across Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms, so you can support a wider range of customers. It’s compatible with the latest macOS versions, including macOS Big Sur.

Take Control makes it easy for your technicians to find device details and network information from one easy-to-use dashboard, enabling connections to remote devices typically in a matter of seconds. With remote support software for Mac devices, you have everything you need to meet customers where they are.

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Keep your customers safe with secure remote support software for Mac devices

Companies expect their MSPs to keep their information safe, and cybersecurity becomes even more important with remote support. Take Control is designed with security in mind from the ground up, for both your attended and unattended support needs.

Take Control uses AES-256 data encryption to keep your customers’ data safe at rest and in transit. Multilayer authentication and two-factor authentication help ensure that only your technicians can access sensitive data.

This solution helps you secure your remote support sessions. Only technicians with the proper permissions can initiate remote sessions with safeguarded session creation, and idle sessions will automatically time out to help prevent unauthorized access. Take Control also doesn’t store sensitive credentials after your session, so your customers can rest assured that their data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Provide high-quality customer support on the go with a native mobile application

For ease of access, you want your technicians to be able to support customers’ devices and find relevant details from anywhere with a connection. Modern MSPs need convenient mobile applications to provide flexible support.

Take Control offers feature-rich native mobile applications for iOS and Android to enhance convenience. From the app, they can access all the device details and network information they would find in the Take Control web app to provide support from a mobile device. They’ll have everything they need to provide seamless, high-quality service on the go. For additional functionality, you can upgrade to Take Control Plus so your techs can connect to iOS devices as well.

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Easily deliver credentials to endpoints without compromising security

By integrating Take Control with N-able Passportal, you can make remote support even faster without compromising cybersecurity. The Take Control Passportal integration allows your technicians to take credentials from the encrypted vault in Passportal and inject them directly into the remote endpoint they’re supporting.

This feature saves time and helps your technicians run their sessions more efficiently. Take Control’s Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key agreement scheme builds a connection between two endpoints even before the session starts, to help keep sessions secure at any and every stage.

Support more customers with remote support software for Mac devices

  • Connect to devices in seconds with rapid remote support software
  • Remote into your customers’ devices on the go with Take Control’s mobile app
  • Prioritize your clients’ safety with secure remote support software for Mac devices