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Unlock bare metal restores of your system whenever you need them

In the instance of a hardware failure or natural disaster, bare-metal recovery for your entire device might be required. N-able® Backup helps make bare-metal recovery smooth and painless with multiple recovery options.

To stay bare-metal-ready at all times, you can run regular backups for boot volumes, system states, applications, and other system data. For simple bare-metal recovery, all you need is a bootable USB drive to restore your most crucial data. In the event of a disaster where you need a bare metal restore as quickly as possible, Backup automatically pulls data from the fastest recovery source, either a LocalSpeedVault or N-able cloud storage.

With complete physical restores, N-able Backup is designed to help get your systems back to a state where the OS, applications and data all function properly. Restore full devices to new hardware at the location of your choice, or to a new virtual machine.

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Restore servers in your environment, including virtual machines

The virtual disaster recovery feature in N-able Backup allows you to create a continuously updated mirror of your physical or virtual Windows Server and run it in a separate virtual environment for fast fail-over. You can set up virtual disaster recovery for a specific server or use the Recovery Console to restore data from multiple devices at once.

Backup is an excellent choice for the cost-conscious MSP—this restore software makes it possible to recover to VMwareHyper-V, or to Azure for much less than it would cost to recover to your own secondary data center.

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Conserve resources by only restoring what you need with file-level restore

N-able Backup stands out from other restore software solutions because it offers multiple restore options based on your situation and your customers’ needs. There’s no extra charge for any of these types, and you don’t need to run more than one backup to support all of these options.

Being able to choose from multiple kinds of recovery helps you stay agile and productive. For example, if you only need to recover a certain file or folder, there’s no need to perform a full system restore to get one item. Backup offers fast local recovery via the LocalSpeedVault option, allowing you to conserve resources and isolate the file you need. With Backup, you can craft the backup and disaster recovery solution that works best for your different customers’ requirements and varying recovery scenarios.

Minimize downtime by keeping a standby device at the ready for failover

For your most demanding and high-profile customers, you need restore software that provides an extra layer of protection. Many MSPs maintain a secondary server to take over for the primary server in the event of a failover, but it can be challenging to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks when files move from one server to another.

N-able Backup helps eliminate this pain point—you can install the restore software directly onto your secondary server and continuously back up to the spare hardware of your choice. With this feature, you’ll be ready for fast failover and can minimize downtime to keep your most demanding customers productive, no matter what.

Stay prepared and up-to-date with restore software

  • Choose from various backup and recovery options based on your needs
  • Easily restore virtual machines in hybrid environments
  • Keep a standby device for failover without straining your resources