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Assess new customers' IT security and prove value immediately

N-able Risk Intelligence scans for unsecured data across a network—even in persistent storage—and provides an estimated financial figure for an organization’s potential liability in the event of a data breach. This allows you to discover areas for security work with clients, prioritize important security fixes, and even show progress over time. Once you try it, you’ll see how powerful it can be in both securing new business and demonstrating value to your current customers.

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Provide value to your managed services customers

  • Data scans: Identify at-risk data and file access vulnerabilities.
  • Financial assessment: Show the potential financial impact of a possible data breach so you can prioritize fixes and persuade prospects to sign up for your security services.
  • Historical risk trends: Demonstrate the value of your security services by showing risk trends over time.
  • Layered security: Enhance your backup, patch management, and AV services with the addition of a Risk Intelligence scan.
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Generate risk-related project work on-demand

  • Risk prioritization: Present your customers with a comprehensive overview of their at-risk data and provide remediation services as needed.
  • Easy searches: Quickly locate specific files or file types across your customer’s entire network, such as packages identified as a Trojan or another type of malicious payload.
  • Provide better security: Identify and reduce the potential cost of your customers’ at-risk data and guide their efforts to obtain data insurance.

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