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Cloud-first backup for physical and virtual servers

N-able Backup helps protect physical and virtual servers (VMwarevSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V) with direct-to-cloud backups managed from the same unified console as workstation, document, or Microsoft 365 backups. Storage in our global private cloud is included in the price, so you can rest assured that your backups are maintained offsite. When recovery is needed, N-able Backup offers flexible recovery options designed to recover full servers, applications, or files and folders quickly and conveniently.

You can also save valuable administrative time with N-able because backups for physical and virtual servers are managed from the same multitenant dashboard as workstation and Microsoft 365 backups. This gives you at-a-glance visibility into the protection status of many device types across all your customers. Color-coded charts show backups successfully completed, completed with errors, or failed. Simply click on the color segment to drill down and quickly troubleshoot any issues.

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Backup and recovery architecture designed with efficiency in mind

N-able Backup’s architecture is more efficient than traditional image backup, as it tracks changes from within the disk. This makes incremental backups light and small, allowing you to back up more frequently. This also means that you will be able to retain more restore points longer using the same amount of network bandwidth and storage you already have.

The software’s recovery processes are also designed for speed and efficiency. N-able Backup restores your data from whichever source will have the server up and running faster, whether that’s in the cloud or stored in the client’s LocalSpeedVault. It also takes an incremental approach to restores, making it possible for technicians to restore just individual folders and files.

Highly flexible, secure recovery solutions that work for you and your customers

Whether you need full-system, application, database, or file and folder recovery, you can count on N-able Backup to streamline your business processes. The software offers operational flexibility. For instance, you can recover physical servers as virtual machines within your own vSphere and Hyper-V environments (including Hyper-V instances in Azure). The automated recovery testing option provides assurance that backups are ready for when clients need them most.

IT security is critical for every business. N-able software uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep data secure in transit and at rest. Our network of globally distributed data centers is strategically positioned to help keep data in-region and is supported by at least n+1 redundancy for critical systems and infrastructure.

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Seamless compatibility with Windows environments

Many businesses and organizations rely on Windows to make their everyday operations possible, which is why it’s critical that you have backups of key data and configuration settings on Windows servers. If a server goes down or begins to experience issues, having the ability to quickly and securely restore to a secondary device or location helps to restore system availability more efficiently, minimizing downtime and data loss.

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A simplified and streamlined approach for operational efficiency

As customer data volumes continue to grow, the straightforward multi-tenant management dashboard of N-able Backup ensures that you’re able to continue to meet the needs of your enterprise customers—efficiently and without breaking the bank.

N-able Backup offers the best of both worlds: quick and convenient access to data without compromising your security. The centralized platform, fast processes, and rapid disaster recovery options give you plenty of ways to keep customer data protected, while our cloud-based infrastructure lifts storage and bandwidth limitations on your end, improving your quality of service while saving time and money in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do physical and virtual servers require different backup operations?

Do physical and virtual servers require different backup operations?

Not when you’re using N-able Backup. This tool’s all-in-one platform provides broad support for different operating systems and hardware—including Linux, macOS X, VMware vSphere, as well as Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V—and can easily capture data from physical and virtual servers. The software is built to protect everything from the same management console, using the same procedures (including AES 256-bit encryption and redundancy for critical support systems) to ensure operational consistency.

Can N-able Backup perform bare-metal recovery?

Can N-able Backup perform bare-metal recovery?

Yes, this software makes it possible to quickly recover backups of boot volumes and system states for rapid full-system restoration if disaster strikes. The product also supports fast file-level restore for times when bare-metal recovery isn’t required. The cloud-first, efficient approach also allows you to keep more restore points using the same amount of storage.

Can my server backups be archived?

Can my server backups be archived?

Archiving and cloud storage is included in the cost of N-able Backup. What’s more, our pricing structure bills on the amount of protected data, not the amount of space the data uses—so as your archives and restore points grow, your storage expenses won’t skyrocket. You also have the option to keep a second copy of data locally for even faster recovery. The software can also archive data from applications like Microsoft Exchange, MySQL, Oracle, SharePoint, and others.

Is N-able Backup designed for enterprise-level clients?

Is N-able Backup designed for enterprise-level clients?

The software provides ultra-secure support for customers of all sizes, including enterprise companies. It is built to scale and make managing complex networks and systems simpler for managed service providers.

Need to keep backups or datasets indefinitely? No problem. The tool helps simplify the process of keeping you and your customers in compliance with industry and regulatory requirements by giving you control over how long you retain data for each of your customers.

Each of the data centers we work with is ISO or SOC-certified, with physical security provisions built to keep your data safe.

N-able Backup

Secure customer data with flexible backup solutions

  • Get rapid backups and restores secured with military-grade encryption
  • Choose a cloud-first architecture that offers speed, control, and redundancy
  • Use a central management platform for ease of operations