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Protect critical Microsoft 365 SharePoint data

Many businesses use SharePoint, the popular Microsoft 365 document collaboration tool, to store and manage critical files. SharePoint offers some backup recovery features, like 30-day library restoration. However, files on this team-based platform are still vulnerable to accidental deletion or modification, and are still subject to data retention requirements, making a third-party backup solution a must.

N-able Backup is built to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) protect their customers’ SharePoint data, letting them manage SharePoint backups alongside server and workstation backups. By automating backups, MSPs can help ensure their customers have multiple levels of protection in place for their SharePoint files. What’s more, MSPs gain the ability to store and recover up to one year of SharePoint data.

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Streamline backup management with a user-friendly dashboard

Backup offers MSPs a user-friendly interface that can help streamline their process for backing up and managing files across customers and data sources. The N-able Backup platform offers easy options for automating regular SharePoint backups, helping to ensure you’re ready to recover as needed.

In addition, the Backup dashboard includes color-coded charts with at-a-glance status views and one-click drilldowns. MSPs can quickly view the information they need across customers, devices, and different data types. With the Backup dashboard, you can manage SharePoint and other backup types from one place.

Because N-able Backup is easy to use, you can also allow privileged users to access specific Backup features directly, so that organizations can recover data without requiring your input.

Leverage a backup solution built to integrate with Microsoft services

Many businesses rely on a range of Microsoft 365 services—including SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive—and it’s critical that MSPs can manage backups across these platforms.

With N-able Backup, MSPs have the tool they need to provide support specifically for Microsoft. Backup is built to integrate with Microsoft platforms along with a range of other data types. Admins can easily automate SharePoint backup up to four times a day, Exchange Online up to six times a day, and OneDrive up to four times a day. In addition, it’s easy to search and restore the saved Microsoft data you need, when you need it.

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Quickly recover Microsoft 365 SharePoint data

When a customer’s SharePoint platform fails or important files go missing, it may only be a matter of minutes before business productivity slows. It’s important to restore data for your customers as soon as possible.

With N-able Backup, recovering SharePoint folders, subdirectories, and permissions has never been easier. Our Backup software helps to ensure recovery as rapid as possible using TrueDelta technology, which combines data deduplication, data compression, and WAN optimization features. In case of an emergency, you can quickly restore a recent version of your clients’ SharePoint data to the original location—or a new one.

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Gain tools to help demonstrate security compliance for Microsoft 365

In the event of a security audit, organizations need to be able to access and report on historical data that demonstrates their compliance. In some cases, the ability to back up and quickly restore data is itself a requirement. Otherwise, the business—and their managed service provider—might be required to pay a fine.

N-able Backup is designed to help MSPs and their customers meet audit requirements by offering reliable, flexible backup and rapid recovery. You can automatically back up, discover, and recover historical documents from your Microsoft 365 suite, so your security auditors can easily see your full history. By retaining SharePoint and OneDrive data for one year—and Exchange data for seven years—N-able Backup can help ensure your customers have the information they need to demonstrate compliance.

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Automate backups for SharePoint and other Microsoft applications

  • Easily recover and restore SharePoint data from the cloud
  • Manage Microsoft 365 backup from a user-friendly interface
  • Help avoid data loss for SharePoint, OneDrive, and other Microsoft 365 apps