SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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Lightning fast remote support tools

You can often gauge the satisfaction of a user by how quickly their IT issues get resolved. So, your remote support tools should focus on speed and helping technicians connect, diagnose, and resolve issues as quickly as possible to help keep customers happy. Not only does Take Control connect in just a few seconds, it’s fully integrated with our password management solution, N-able™ Passportal, so credentials are inserted automatically.

N-able Take Control is designed to provide fast-connecting remote support for nearly any platform— including iOS and Android mobile devices—to help you solve problems quickly, so you can focus on increasing the number of users you support—and do so without stressing your team.

Remote desktop

Take Control is built to:

  • Help you get down to business quickly with fast connection speeds—in seconds
  • Help resolve issues fast for nearly any platform, including iOS and Android devices
  • Solve problems from almost anywhere with a convenient native mobile app
  • Help strengthen relationships with your users or customers by offering faster service
  • Help support more users by improving your efficiency


IT support for MSP business

Take control is designed to provide:

  • Fast connection speeds that connect typically in seconds
  • Device details such as a device’s OS, CPU, and network information from one dashboard to help make it easier for technicians to find the information you need
  • Cross-platform support across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms to help you support a diverse customer base
  • Registry editing that retrieves on the registry elements you choose to help provide a deep and responsive read/write registry editing experience
  • Mobile application available as a native iOS or Android app, built to enable techs to access and support customers’ devices from nearly anywhere
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  • Drag/drop and cut/paste file transfers in bulk to help save time when resolving issues.
  • Windows commands and event logs available directly from the remote viewer to help technicians perform deep diagnostics without leaving their desks.
  • Safe mode reboot, if needed.
  • PowerShell and “one-to-many” batch scripting to help save time.
  • Seamless integration with N-able Passportal, our super safe, super simple password management solution.

Try N-able Take Control today

Start a free, full-featured trial of N-able Take Control Plus today. Once you start your trial, you’ll have the option to choose the paid version of either Take Control or Take Control Plus.