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Ticketing that captures the essentials and lets you get back to work

Your team should spend most of their days fixing IT issues for clients, not filling out forms. To boost productivity, it’s important that your help desk system sticks to the main points without bogging you down in details. N-able MSP Manager lets engineers enter the critical information they need without making them fill out a ton of unnecessary form fields. And with built-in timers and rate selection, your invoices will be accurate and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

When integrated with N-able RMM, MSPM gives techs everything they need to automate ticketing and invoicing processes—with flexible tools to automatically create, route, time, and bill tickets.

Easy input

  • Quick ticket: From any screen, you can quickly create a ticket using our quick ticket feature. For example, when browsing through a client’s assets, you could create a ticket in seconds without having to leave the page.
  • No Clicking Between Applications: Create a ticket directly from the RMM dashboard.
  • Fast ticketing via the mobile app: Fast ticket creation and documentation available on mobile app.
  • Email to ticket creation: MSP Manager can be set to automatically create a ticket for you if a user submits it via email. Additionally, email correspondence between technicians and the user will be captured within the ticket.
  • Granular Workflow Settings: Open tickets in N-able RMM and MSPM for issues you deem critical, then automatically route them to the right resources.
time tracking

Detailed information

  • Ticket info: View time entries, expenses, appointments, communications, and notes for every ticket. Even add time or notes (internal or public) to a ticket from the RMM dashboard.
  • Fewer Clicks: Remote right into the effected device from the ticket when integrated with N-able RMM
  • Time tracking: When working on a ticket, an engineer can activate a built-in timer to track the hours spent resolving the issue. Once work is complete, the system calculates and updates billing information based on the recorded time and the associated service rate.
  • Dashboard view: When engineers first log in, they’ll be able to prioritize their work by viewing their assigned tickets, any tickets that are overdue, and more.
  • Custom ticket status allows techs to filter tickets by custom tags—based on the most important or urgent topic (ex: “Escalated,” “Awaiting parts,” “Awaiting response”).

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